What Is Your Relationship With Money

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Get Past the Fear of Failure

When it comes to our relationship with money, being afraid of failure is a normal emotion and response around money.  How you deal with the fear and ultimately get past the fear is the determining factor on whether you struggle to accumulate abundance or where abundance in all areas of your life, becomes as natural as breathing in and out.

What ever you can conceive and believe, you can achieve.

Make opportunities

Rather than sitting back and waiting for the right money opportunity to come your way, you need to be at action finding money opportunities that will serve your financial needs.  You must constantly be searching for new networking opportunities, where you can form new strategic business alliances or joint ventures.

Look out for small businesses that are being sold, these offer unique opportunities and can easily be leveraged and restructured to become excellent profit centers and then resold or you can continue trading the businesses.

Now is definitely the time to explore the property market and find some real bargains that will very quickly be available to sell at a good profit.  If you are unable to facilitate purchasing property on your own right now, it is a good idea to form an alliance with a small group of people and buy as much property as you can realistically afford.

This beautiful country is filled with opportunities and if you are willing to actively search out these opportunities, you will reach the financial status you desire.  People that have achieved financial freedom have all actively searched for opportunities and then positioned themselves to seize the right opportunity to meet their financial needs.  Always asses any opportunity and try to ascertain whether the price you will be required to pay to realize that opportunity is in line with the price you are prepared to pay.

List three new actions you will take to begin searching for money opportunities.

E.g.:  Actively look for new Networking opportunities, search for new small businesses to purchase or people to form strategic business alliances or joint ventures.

Make Every Day Count

The correct habit set, i.e. one that will ensure that you offer enough action to get the most out of every day will guarantee your success.  When you make the most out of every day you will accomplish small things every day that will lead you to your dreams.  Every baby step you make eventually adds up to that huge success you desire.  .


Feedback is one of the most powerful success tools you have in you tool kit; use it as often as possible.  When you have any idea regarding money, I always recommend doing a sanity check before you even start with the venture and constantly seeking feedback during the entire process.

The best person to offer feedback in this regard is someone that has already made a success of that specific venture themselves or has achieved success in another related field.  You must constantly ask for feedback as you move through different milestones and consistently bounce concerns or new ideas off your willing feedback givers.  The more often you seek feedback, the easier it is to stay on track and achieve all your expectations.

Patience and Dues

A very important success habit to develop is patience, succeeding in making more money takes time.  How much time is difficult to say, but the time it takes will definitely be governed by how much effort you are prepared to offer and by the inspired action you are prepared to take.

Enjoying the kind of success that participating in any new Endeavour will bring, requires sacrifice on your part.  You may need to spend less time with the people you love; you may get to go to gym less so your health may suffer, you may have less disposable income in the short to medium term etc.  You need to carefully asses each opportunity and decide whether the sacrifice is too high a price to pay.  Make sure that you are willing to pay the “dues” that each endeavor will require before you waste valuable resources on any new venture.

Motivational Speakers Johannesburg – Focus on something you like

It is obviously far easier to make a success of something that you’re are passionate about or something that you really enjoy.  To get you started firstly look at every thing that you find interesting or that puts fire in your belly.  If you won the lottery tomorrow and financial worries were a thing of the past, what would you do?

When you have completed this exercise, utilize the second column to assess the skills that you have in relation to each dream vocation.  In the third column list any new skills that you will need to acquire to allow you to follow your dreams.

What really makes you happy? If you could do anything with your life, what would that be?

If you had no financial worries, and could do anything you wanted, use column 1 of the table below to list what you would do.  Be BOLD, let your imagination run wild and write down anything that comes to mind.

My Dream

My Current Skills

New Skills I need


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