Make The Choice To Change Your Life



Make The Choice To Change Your Life

Make the choice today to change your life from tolerable to completely fulfilling, by consistently allowing yourself to express your intelligence and creativity. This is achieved by taking stock of your strengths, passions, beliefs, values, vision and then aligning these with your goals. Finally convert your goals into projects and plans, which you must action every day

I believe in the adage of READY, FIRE, AIM. READY Invest time and effort into preparing to achieve your goals, FIRE, begin to take action, do not paralyze yourself with over preparing, AIM, assess your progress, regularly and take corrective action where necessary.

When you stop trying to IMPRESS people and you begin to EXPRESS your abilities through your skills and knowledge, EXPRESS your desire to succeed by creating a functional plan for success, EXPRESS your commitment by applying daily inspired action, you will begin to see meaningful and sustainable progress toward achieving your goals

It is a natural tendency for us to overestimate what we can achieve in one year and significantly UNDERESTIMATE all we can achieve in a decade. Andrew will guide you, to take a longer term view of your life and goals. When you follow this simple strategy you will astound yourself with the results you will enjoy.

Your thoughts, words and actions today, determine EXACTLY what your future will be like. Consistent patterns of thought and your daily deeds most certainly create your future. Practice the success habit of only thinking thoughts and performing actions that are in line your True Life Purpose and your vision of the future. This very simple yet effective daily practice will help you create the EXACT the future you desire.

When you understand exactly “WHY” you must achieve, become, have or do something. The “WHY” will become the fire that glows or explodes in your belly and will inspire and drive you to achieve your goals. The “WHY” is what will get you to make the changes in your life, you need to succeed, even the uncomfortable ones. The “WHY” is the inspiration behind your goals that will make it all happen for you.

Let your mind out for a walk today and allow it to wander around, unfettered by your beliefs and perceptions. What is it that you really want your future to look and be like? Examine your choice, is it in line with your vision and is it what you want or what others think you want. When you pursue other people dreams.



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