What Does SUCCESS Mean to You?

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There are so many definitions around the word success that I feel that this word has become extremely overused.  The traditional understanding associated with success, refers to how much money someone earns or how much wealth they have managed to accumulate.

I have tried life both with and without wealth and definitely find the former to be more desirable.  However wealth in the absence of family, friends, health or happiness is pointless.

The Secret I want you to uncover is how to gain great abundance, but not at the expense of your emotional or physical wealth.  We must find a way to reach our financial and career goals without making our relationships with our children or spouses the sacrificial lambs.

You must find the way to realizing all your goals around financial abundance without sacrificing the the other areas of our lives at the same time.  There is not a person alive that would not give every cent they own to regain their good health when they are diagnosed with terminal disease. The same is also true for those individuals that have lost the love of their spouse or children as a result of their eagerness to pursue financial gain or material riches.

Financial success achieved at the expense of the rest of your life is empty and pointless

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Don’t become one of those people that are so busy pursuing wealth that you loose sight of what your True Life Purpose or True Life passion is. When you do this you miss out on languishing in the joys that life has to offer.  Remember that living every day of your life to the best of your ability. Makes the journey through life worthwhile. It is crucial to create a successful and fulfilling harmonious balance in all areas of your life.

Let us try to do a little exercise that will help you to uncover your True Life Passion. The easiest way to get great results with very little sweat is to simply sit and imagine yourself at the end of your life.  What actions, people or things would you like to have done more or less of?

What would you have liked to have done more of?



What would have liked to have done less of?



After completing this exercise  you have created a deep awareness about what you want and what is possible for you to create in your life. You are looking back on a life well lived, but you still have the rest of your life to live. What a powerful place to be. Why waste another minute doing things that you will regret later and more importantly why are you not doing more of what you love doing.  Live every moment that life offers you. Live on purpose and mostly, just love the journey and LIVE.

Life is a series of trade offs and every wasted moment is spent forever.  Time and therefore your life are traded for the things you choose to do or not to do.  You have an incredible privilege right now, that privilege is awareness. Use that awareness to create the life of your dreams and have no regrets about what you did with your precious life and your most valuable asset – your time.

You have had the benefit of imagining yourself at the end of your life.  You do not need to have any regrets about having the ability to go back in time to change things. You are in the NOW and can create things exactly the way you want them to be.  Make those different decisions right now that you would have wished you could have made if you really were at the end of your life.

Planning for Total Success

Success can be incredibly elusive or it can come in abundance, if you are willing to develop the right mindset and habit set.  I want you to develop a plan to create abundance in all facets of your life.

The first step in this process is to start to uncover the awesome power that resides within you and learn how to tap into this power.  Right now is the time to uncover what will have to happen for you to feel that you have achieved success in your life.  What one thing, five things or ten things will have to happen to make you feel that you have attained success?

Define success and what that means for you specifically. What will have to happen in each area of your life to make you feel that you have attained success?


I have a found my Soul Mate and we live for each other.

I have discovered the path to enlightenment and live every moment in harmony with my True Life Purpose.

I create hope and inspire thousands of people every year.

I have attained financial independence and have a net worth of R 1000 000 000.00.




The truth Is, you create your own circumstances and reality

Almost everyone that achieves success in their lives, which I define as fulfillment in all areas of their lives, will face difficulties along the way.  The trick to living your dreams is not to get sucked into the incorrect idea that the difficulties themselves are the deciding factor in determining your destiny.

If challenges and obstacles were the deciding factor in how everyone’s lives turned out then no one would attain success.  The only difference between successful people and those that settle for mediocrity is that the former see challenges as things to overcome on their way to success and the latter see them as reasons not to even try.

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