Constantly Review Your Progress

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Unless you stay alert and constantly review your progress, as you move along the path to realize all your dreams, you may be nudged a little off course, just a little at a time, until you wake up one day wondering how you got so far off track.

Stay vigilant and constantly review and measure your progress and results, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually and you will empower yourself to stay aligned with your goals and you can achieve anything you desire.

One of the key areas to review is the people you are choosing to associate with. Carefully evaluate all the people you spend time around or associate with. All these people influence you in one way or another.

We constantly advise our children not to spend time with other children that may distract them mislead them or have a negative influence over them, yet we do not apply the same standard to our friends and associates. Would you be satisfied to allow your children to mix with some of the people you associate with?

Create all your associations on purpose and ensure that you get around the right people and that you expand your circle of influence.  When you do this you will naturally limit your contact with the wrong people that are holding you back and limiting your progress.

Motivational speaker Charlie Tremendous Jones said that the place you will arrive five years from now will be determined by three things, the people you associate with, the books you read and the actions you take.

Are the five people that you are spending most of your time around helping or retarding your progress, are they complimenting your potential or are they draining your energy and potential, like a vampire?

Review your commitment to ongoing learning. Are you investing enough time and resources into this crucial part of your success strategy? Are you reading enough of the correct material that is going to ensure that you are sufficiently prepared to take advantage of opportunities that will cross your path?

Have you created a focused and specific plan to achieve your goals and dreams and have you created an action plan to turn take your dreams from the confines of your mind and unleash them into your reality? Have you set time aside every day and committed to carry out this action plan consistently, until you succeed? Are you reviewing your progress often enough to ensure that you stay on track? If you can answer YES!!!! To all these questions, I guarantee you will live a complete and fulfilling life.

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