Shift The Way You View Challanges

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When you paddle out to sea and the waves start to pick up and the sea starts to become a challenging place to be, on a surf board.  You can allow yourself to become overwhelmed and become a victim to the sea or you can view the large waves as an opportunity to learn to surf.

This small shift in the way you view the same set of circumstances will allow you to use the waves as a means to surf back to the shore and have an incredible amount of fun. With a small shift in the way you see the same set of circumstances, you can very quickly see things from a completely different standpoint and you equip yourself with a technique that allows you to turn adversity into opportunity.

Something that at first seems overwhelming and impossible to manage or overcome, when viewed differently, with a different attitude, can become very manageable and can even be seen as an opportunity.

Commit to create this awareness in yourself and accept that nothing meaningful or worthwhile has or ever will be achieved without encountering and overcoming challenges. As challenges are inevitable and a part of the achievement process, plan for them, expect them, accept them and even welcome them as each challenge faced and overcome is just one positive step closer to the success you desire.

Commit to read biographies and you will see that every great deed or outstanding level of achievement that has ever been achieved; has always been achieved with struggle and that every great person, has had to overcome some sort of adversity on their path to success. In fact, in many biographies that I have read, the level of extraordinary achievement has not been achieved despite the challenges, it was very often achieved because of the challenges they faced.

The challenges that were faced, in most of the biographies I have read allowed these remarkable people to see their situation from a slightly different perspective and in most cases this allowed them to turn really large challenges into wonderful opportunities.

I go as far as stating that virtually any challenge you are facing or will face, on your journey to achievement and success has already been faced by someone before you and overcome by someone before you.

This new found awareness should help you to create that small shift in the way you view any challenges that will inevitably cross your path in the future. When you learn to practice this technique every time you face a challenge, you allow yourself to very quickly get past the victim mentality, to a place where you empower yourself in the knowledge that each challenge that crosses your path is in reality, just one positive step closer to success.

Find comfort in the knowledge that very often challenges are only opportunities in disguise and that they are very often the very catalyst that will unlock new ideas or concepts within you. Stop allowing yourself to be a victim any longer and choose to make this small shift in the way you view challenges and you will have added one of the most powerful tools to your arsenal of success.

Author: Andrew Horton Motivational Speaker


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