The Small Price Of Discipline

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Stop viewing discipline as something you are forced to do to succeed. Rather view it as something you want and need to do to experience all the wonders life has to offer. This small shift will not only make a huge difference to the results you will enjoy. But you will be far happier too. What was discipline before you make this shift becomes routine and effortless daily routine.

Discipline must never be viewed as a dirty word.  One that conjures up pictures of someone standing over you demanding that you do something you hate. Discipline is the bridge between setting goals and actually achieving those goals. When you construct this bridge and disciplined daily action is who you are and what you do. Success is inevitable and your journey becomes very pleasant and exciting.

How much better do you feel when you make a commitment with yourself and you keep that commitment. You feel great and your body even rewards you with an injection of feel good chemicals. This is a natural high and when you consistently do this it becomes a positive addiction. At first it will take willpower to keep meeting your commitments. As you keep repeating this positive behavior, you focus on the great way this behavior makes you feel and you begin to see great results show up in your life. You will want to repeat this behavior and over and over. About 40 days of repeating these behavior patterns will see them become entrenched as your new habit set..

When you become an addict to the feel good chemicals and fantastic results, you will see in your life. Daily discipline is who you are and what you consistently do., Life becomes fun and the road to success is simple and paved with passion. This shift allows you to effortlessly turn discipline that weighs very little into long term sustainable success. It saves you from the effort of dragging along the huge weight of regret that can cause you nothing but pain and suffering.

Every great structure that was built and has stood for centuries was built on strong, stable foundations. The strength and structure of your success is no different, when you build your success on a foundation of daily discipline. You create a solid base for long term sustainable success and living your dreams becomes possible. Never accept anything but your best, choose to do the difficult, be extraordinary and become the success you want to see in your life. You are exceptional, why accept anything less.


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