You Can Achieve Almost Anything You Set Your Mind To

The reason why some people can achieve almost anything they set their minds to, yet others seem to just blunder from one crisis or failure to another? I believe that the super achievers perform at these high levels of excellence because they always have some spare capacity available to take on projects with high yield potential. They have mastered the skill of saying no, to opportunities that are merely good. By saying no to the good they are able to say yes to the great opportunities when they come along or that they have actively sought and uncovered.

Build a crystal clear focus around your goals and vision, so that you are properly equipped to asses any opportunities that you may uncover. This will equip you with the information you need to begin practicing the art of saying no to things that may seem good, but do completely match your vision or goals.  This will allow you to be far more selective about where you expend your energy and time.

We live in a world where we are constantly being pulled in many different directions at once, so unless you are equipped to sort through the clutter, you will constantly apply your energy to things that are not aligned with where you want to go. Your productivity and ability to achieve your goals and dreams is therefore a product of firstly ensuring that you say no to projects that offer little value to your vision and then when you do select a project that is aligned with your vision, you put everything into making it happen for you.

We live in a world of limited resources and so every project you undertake that is not aligned with your plan for success dilutes your efforts and takes time away from the projects that matter. We can only achieve so much in the available time, so stop wasting effort on things that contribute very little to your excellence and focus your energy only on things that matter.

Doing more is not the answer; we must learn to say no to the things that are limiting our progress so we have more time available to say yes to the right things that will efficiently take us toward living our dreams. When you have laser focus around your vision and goals and you have chosen a project to undertake, you must tackle that project with unrelenting focus, tolerating no distractions and relentlessly take consistent action, until you succeed.

When you have unshakable and unapologetic focus, you become a goal achieving machine and nothing can or will stop you. Your dedication, focus, discipline and persistence are the four cornerstones of success and when you commit to apply these four pillars in your life, success becomes inevitable.


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