If not You – Then Who?

Most people believe that there is something lacking in their lives, they either have a lack of money, romance, success or joy that is holding them away from discovering true happiness, meaning and fulfillment. The key to changing this is to accept that greatness exists in all of us and that all you have to do is look inside yourself and find a way to pull that greatness out. You truly are magnificent, believe it and the abundance which is all around, will become available to you.  

For you to live in the abundance, which is every ones birth right, you must start by accepting 100 % responsibility for achieving the lifestyle, relationships, financial freedom and opportunities you want to experience in your life. No one else can or will take the daily inspired action you need to take to achieve the success you desire. So, remember and apply the adage of, “IF IT IS TO BE IT IS UP TO ME” and you empower yourself to make a real difference in the way your future will unfold.

What is Success?

How will you know when you are successful?  What will need to happen for you to know that you are successful?  Invest the time today to explore all the facets of your life and define exactly what will need to happen in all the areas of your life, to allow you to accept that you have achieved success. Until you do this you may be attempting to achieve things, which have meaning to everyone else, but you. When you are chasing someone else’s dreams, you will never be inspired to take action daily, especially, when you encounter those inevitable challenges, which will cross your path. Uncover what success really means to you, know with absolute clarity, what you will be doing, being and having, when you are successful and attracting those dreams into your life becomes almost effortless.

Identifying Purpose

The path to living in the magic of life is found by identifying, acknowledging, honoring and living according to your life purpose.  I believe that our life purpose is hidden within all of us.  Take the time to discover your life purpose by utilizing one of the many fantastic methods available out there.  When you live your true purpose, everything will become clear, simpler and realizing and living your dreams will begin to feel almost automatic.

Finding and Living a life of Balance.

When you live your life purpose, finding harmony and fulfillment in all the areas of your life is guaranteed and following a course of daily inspired action to realize your goals and dreams feels effortless.  Program your inner “Global Positioning System” by clarifying your vision, having a crystal clear picture of the direction you want to travel on your journey through life and you can start to take action today to start you moving in the direction of your dreams.

Learn the keys of effective planning

After creating a crystal clear vision of your ideal life and the goals that will get you there.   You now need to create a link between the vision you have created and what will actually happen on a daily basis.  That link is your goals or in other words your dreams, which are time defined and written down.

Break your Vision into Goals

If you allow the size and scope of your goals and dreams to overwhelm you, you will never take the inspired daily action necessary to achieve your dreams. By setting goals, you give yourself a road map and a set of guidelines necessary to travel down the path towards your vision. The more detail you introduce into your planning and the more achievable each small chunk feels, the easier it will be to remain focused, inspired and driven to take the goal specific action you need to take daily to succeed. Consistent effort, which is guided by a good strategic plan that drives your daily inspired action, is all it takes to live your dreams.

The goal Achievement Process

Once you have begun to make progress toward living your dreams, your momentum and excitement will build. Be consistent every day, consistently carry out five tasks or goal specific activities and you have a certain recipe for success.  We are what we repeatedly do, excellence is not an act it is a habit. Have patience, keep chipping away at your goals every day and all the abundance, which abounds, becomes available to you. No-Thing is beyond your reach, if it is aligned with your true life purpose, you know why you want to achieve it, you build a clear plan to get you there and then you take action on that plan daily.

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Andrew Horton

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