Motivational Speakers – Now we have started the believing – It is time to start the achieving

Motivational Speakers

Now we have started the believing – It is time to start the achieving

I have studied a number of very successful people around the world and based on my research I have discovered an effective formula for inviting similar levels of success into your own life. The first thing which stood out for me amongst the super achievers I studied was their 100 % acceptance, of the fact that, if they were to be successful it was completely up to them.

They then turned this acceptance of full responsibility into commitment, drive and passion, where they believed completely in their ability to achieve the outcome they wanted to achieve in their future. This belief then drove their expectations, which in turn created their crystal clear vision for the future. Their vision was then converted into a plan or a set of goals and action plans, which they acted on daily with patience and persistence.

I have described the process in more detail below. If you follow this formula and apply the ideas presented in your life, I am certain that you can achieve anything you desire.

Getting Started

Success is an Inside Job

Firstly remember that anything you pursue will always elude you. So remove the thought of pursuing success from your mind altogether. The way to invite any level of SUCCESS into your experience is by accepting that “If it is to be then, it is up to meand adopting this as your new adage. Secondly you must decide what success actually means to you and why achieving it is important to you. Once you have clarified these in your mind, you will be certain that what you are trying to achieve is actually aligned with what you really want and you will have the resilience and drive to overcome the inevitable obstacles, which will be placed in your path.

Take Responsibility and you will Succeed

As I said before adapt the adage of “If it is to be, it is up to me”. Accept 100 % responsibility for everything in your life and commit to take inspired goal specific action daily and nothing will be able to stop you from achieving what you desire.

Finally, always remember that no one else’s expectations or opinions really matter; even the people who you trust to offer you reliable feedback, are ultimately only giving you their opinion. How you choose to use the information is always up to you. Learn to trust and believe in yourself and always allow your opinion to take precedence over anyone else’s and success is inevitable.

What Does Success Mean to you?

The way to achieve the level of satisfaction and fulfilment you desire is unique to you. So the best way to begin this journey, toward living the ultimate expression of your life, is to first define what “Living a Great Life” means to you specifically and then go about the business of making, just that possible for you.

Action Idea: Explore all the areas of your life and examine each one individually, then build a crystal clear picture in your mind, around exactly what you need to achieve in each to ensure that you are living a harmonious, life, filled with meaning.

Know why you want to Succeed

Discover your deep rooted reason why you want to succeed and nothing can or will stop you from succeeding.

If I placed a plank on the ground, which was about 30 cm wide and I offered you      R 1000 if you would walk over the plank. I am certain that you would jump at the opportunity to take my money, away from me so easily. If I however suspended the same plank between two high-rise buildings and now offered you the same prize to walk over the plank, I am certain that most people would see the increased risk of injury and would refuse to go anywhere near the plank.

Based on the changed circumstances, could you think of any reason why you would even consider walking over the plank? What if I said that your child was on the other building and that building was on fire? The flames were licking at the feet of your child. Would you now not run over the plank, not once, but twice to rescue your child?

What changed?

All that changed was your reason why you needed to cross the plank. The same is true about your dreams. Once you have discovered that deep rooted reason why you want to succeed, nothing can or will stop you.

Why is your Vision and Goals Important to you?

When you have discovered your burning child on the building or rather when you have discovered why achieving your goal is really important to you, no obstacles, roadblocks or challenges will ever be able to stop you. You will consistently keep taking inspired goal specific action daily and the momentum of these consistent actions will grow. Your awareness of why achieving any desired outcome is the catalyst, which will drive you to keep following through until you succeed and this  understanding and belief will ensure that nothing can or will stop you from succeeding.

Your Reason Why, Will Drive You to Succeed

My experience has shown me that, the success of your efforts does not depend on the efforts themselves, but rather on your motive for carrying out the actions in the first place. Super achievement, where individuals have excelled or where they have built great personal or business success, has in most cases, been driven by an unfathomable desire to express themselves, by solving a problem using their skills and knowledge as best they could. They felt compelled and driven to express their inner vision and nothing could stop them. Discover that deep rooted reason why you want to succeed at anything, take action daily and no obstacle or challenge will ever stop you from realising your dreams.

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