Motivational speakers – Will you “GO THE EXTRA MILE”?

Motivational speakers

 Will you “GO THE EXTRA MILE”?

If you want to finally break free from average and achieve the meaning and fulfilment, you have always desired, then it is time for you to accept that you must “GO THE EXTRA MILE” All the people I have researched and studied, who live fulfilling lives, do not perform at average levels, they all “GO THE EXTRA MILE” with everything they do.

They stand out because they always put in extra effort. I am sure you know people like this, they are the ones who get the promotions, consistently make their sales targets, grow their business twice as fast as anyone else, live comfortable lives, have job security and they go home every day feeling satisfied and fulfilled.

How can you become this person?

  • Exceed expectations – “GO THE EXTRA MILE”. Surprise people with far more than they expected.
  • Always look for ways to be of service to others.
  • Give freely, without any expectation of receiving anything in return.
  • Work hard – People always notice and appreciate hard work.
  • Always Show up on time.
  • Have a crystal clear picture of what you want in the future and be vigilant for opportunities, which support you to achieve your vision.

If you follow these simple principals as described above, you will always get some kind of payback. You will become far more self-confident, more self-reliant and you will also become more influential with the all the people around you. It is the easiest way to be noticed. The people around you will see that you care and that you have their best interests at heart. This will attract new business and many other wonderful opportunities to you.

What do other people Success Stories Tell Us?

I have read many biographies and researched, numerous very successful people, as part of my research towards my PHD. It has been a very interesting journey, which has shown me that success only comes to those, who work hard. Every one of the achievers, I studied, went the extra mile; they exceeded expectations at every turn and over-delivered on everything that was asked of them. They all showed incredible tenacity and stuck to taking the daily action they needed to take, until they broke through and achieved the outcome they wanted. None of the people I have studied achieved greatness in a day; it was achieved daily with consistent effort.

Stop doing what you have always done

If the daily effort you have been putting in over the past few years has kept you trapped in average, it is time to up your game and try something different. Get a picture in your mind of the amazing future you will create, when you decide to start exceeding people’s expectations and then make adding value and being of service to others, your new success habit from this moment on. This picture defines what you are capable of achieving; now all that is left is for you to start believing and making the conscious effort to always “GO THE EXTRA MILE”.

What will you do to “GO THE EXTRA MILE”?

Action Idea:

  • Think carefully and write down all the ideas, which come into your mind, regarding what you are going to do to exceed people’s expectations.
  • What type of extra service are you willing to provide, so that you will stand out from the herd?
  • What areas of your life are you going to put more effort into, so that you can become more valuable?

Start to treat everyone you come into contact with as you would your dearest friend. Don’t skimp on trying to be of service to others. Never be average or give anything but your best to those around you. Remember that, when it comes to success. The people, who are willing to   “GO THE EXTRA MILE” always, achieve the meaning and fulfilment they are looking for much faster.

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