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You can Unlock the Superhuman in you

Become the best version of yourself possible

There are numerous possibilities available, for you to become the best possible version of your unique self. Accept that there is only one version of you on this planet; no one else has your unique mind, life experience, character, attitude and exactly the same philosophy as you. Dare to be yourself, everyone else is already taken.

Once you make this realisation, you set yourself apart from the average person and it allows you to see that you can become the best version of yourself possible. I want you to look at yourself and see your unique strengths, abilities, experience and unlimited potential, as tools to begin and sustain your journey, toward the future that you desire.

Stephen J Cannel was not one of the sharpest tools in the shed and failed grade one, four and ten. He was unable to read and his ability to comprehend was severely compromised as a child. He would spend five hours, studying with his mother the day before any test he wrote and still fail, when he was a student at school. Based on his life experience, Stephen concluded that he was unintelligent and would not amount to much in life.

As he grew older he decided that he was not going to accept average anymore and he made the choice to change his life. He focused all his energy on the things he excelled at. He was an excellent football player and threw everything he had into becoming the best possible player. By focusing on his strengths, he started to build his self-esteem, belief in himself and his self-worth grew as a result of his success in football. His success on the football field showed him that, if he applied himself, he could achieve anything, he wanted. How about you, what do you believe is possible for you to achieve and how committed are you to inviting just that into your experience.

He later took this determination and threw it into what must seem like a really odd choice of career for someone, who could not read or write, namely the choice to be a television script writer. He wrote scripts for a number of TV hits, such as the “A’ Team, 21 Jump Street, Beretta and Silk Stalkings, amongst other great successes. If someone like Stephen, who could not read or write as a child and who failed three times at school, can become a writer, what are you capable of achieving, if you apply yourself?

Unlock the Super Human in you                                  

Learn to see all you are capable of achieving and stop limiting yourself because of your lack of confidence and belief in your abilities. You are capable of achieving outcomes that far exceed even your own wildest dreams, but you restrict yourself to a very limited ring of possibility, because you impose restrictions on yourself, due to your lack of self-worth and confidence.

I want to tell you a few stories about super human performance, where circumstances and the need to save the life of a loved one, propelled people to perform at levels, they did not think were even possible.

Marie Peyton from Texas, was walking behind a self-drive lawn mower, when the accelerator got stuck and the mower pulled out of her hands.  The mower was out of control and was heading across the lawn, right toward Marie’s granddaughter, Elsie.  The mower blades were still running and it was about to run over Elsie, tearing her to shreds. In a feat of super human performance, Marie covered about 3 m, grabbed hold of the mower, which weighed about 150 kg and tossed it out of the way, like it was a light piece of plastic.

This superhuman performance, by a grandmother that struggled to empty the dustbin every day, which weighed only 12 kg, was well beyond the realm of what Marie thought was possible for her and highlights the unlimited potential that resides within all of us, to perform at levels far greater than even we believe is possible.

Angela Carvalho, was standing in her kitchen, when she heard a loud scream coming from outside. She ran outside and saw her son trapped under a 1964 Chevrolet, Impala. The jack had failed and the car had fallen on top of his chest. She immediately grabbed hold of the car and lifted the weight off his chest. She held the car off her son for five minutes, until the neighbours arrived and managed to reset the jack and lift the car off Angela’s son.

It is estimated that Angela lifted about 545 Kg (1200 Pounds) off her son and held it off his chest, for about five minutes. The current Olympic record for women for the deadlift is 228 kg (502.6 pounds). Angela held almost three times that weight off her son for almost five minutes.

I have shared these two stories with you to try to highlight that you have unlimited potential and incredible unique strengths and abilities. Have the courage to start to explore the limits of your potential and become the best possible version of yourself possible. I know that you are working well below the level of performance you are capable of achieving. Begin believing and I know that you will begin achieving, at levels that will astound you and everyone around you.

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  • stephen uzelac /

    Keep up the good work. Reach out to those who really can use your inspiration. Every success story is different and I like Stephen Channel was unable to read. When I graduated from high school I had a 3rd grade reading level and was 2 years behind my orginal classmates. With attitude and changing my habits I was able to finish college with a 3.2 grade average and go on to teach at a community college. Today I am 72 and still active in public speaking a presenting workshops.
    Once again thank you. Steve

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