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“What do you think it takes to WIN at life”? I believe that for you to be a true WINNER, to be a real success, you cannot only overachieve in one area of your life, but must strive to achieve and maintain harmonious achievement in all the areas of your life. We are designed to work as harmonious and congruent beings and when you understand this, you will begin to find true and lasting happiness.

“Have you given yourself permission to be happy and are you nurturing your dreams every day?” I invite you to make the choice right now to accept happiness as the cornerstone of who you are and that you take just one small step toward living your dreams. Then make a REAL decision to keep doing just that every day and your dreams are within your grasp. Until you do this something incredible will happen, Nothing!!!

As simplistic as this may sound, “The level of happiness you are enjoying or NOT enjoying is a choice” Your happiness can never depend on where you live, but must and will depend on “HOW YOU LIVE”. When you learn to live your life with meaning and accept that your level of happiness is a direct result of the choices you make or fail to make, only then will you get to be in control of your happiness and joy.

Create happiness in your life right now by doing something meaningful, freely giving and receiving honest love, having vibrant dreams that you believe are achievable and reaching out to assist every one you can. Choose to design and live your happiness right now, for if you keep postponing living it until a future event occurs, happiness will always elude you.

Choose happiness as the manner in which you travel through life and joy as your mode of transport. True happiness is never something you discover at one of the destinations you arrive at, it is the very reason we get to make this magnificent journey at all.

The art of living a complete and fulfilling life is to constantly strive for pleasant thoughts, which you then project onto the screen of your life. Pleasant thoughts are your own internal happiness generator.  Make the choice today to use yours as often as possible and see yourself become the joy you desire.

Find true and lasting happiness and allow positive emotions to serve you in an adaptive function and allow you to have access to a far larger repertoire of potential behaviors, thoughts and actions. They promote divergent thought and improve creative thinking. As your emotional state is a choice, why would you choose not to experience all the benefits that positive emotions have to offer?

When you spend your days bringing sunshine to the lives of others, give without remembering, receive without forgetting and always aim to be of service to others, you will then discover the meaning of true joy, real and lasting happiness and complete fulfillment.
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Andrew Horton

andrew horton



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