Make 2015 Great by doing your Best Work Ever

Imagine the quality of work you would be able to produce, if you woke up every day challenging the way you did things yesterday, where you looked for ways to constantly improve your performance, by doing things just a little better each day. This philosophy of having a commitment to on-going and never ending improvement, where you strive to be just a little better today than you were yesterday. Will see you make tiny incremental improvements every day, which will add up to remarkable growth over time. This commitment to continually invest time into practicing and honing your skills, will allow you to consistently improve your level of competence, performance and productivity.

This continually improving version of you will be equipped to produce better and better results every day, which will, in time, add up to the positive outcomes you want to achieve. Now simply add in a healthy dose of drive, inspiration and passion to the mix and you have the makings of a remarkable 2012, in which you will perform at levels you did not think possible. A commitment to on-going and never-ending improvement is easy, the challenge you face though, is that as easy as it is to invest a small amount of time each day towards your growth and development, so easy is it to lose focus and neglect to invest the time needed

Action Idea: Wake up every day expecting to give your best, if you are working, give everything you have to perform the tasks you have planned each day. If you are resting and recharging your batteries, then ensure that you switch off from thinking about work for a minimum of 24 hours and focus on your family, friends or hobbies. This strategy where you give yourself completely to work when you work and rest when you rest will see you improve your performance and productivity in leaps and bounds.

2015 is the year to stop making excuses and to start making progress by investing time into doing important things every day. Stop spinning your wheels by prioritising your daily tasks and remaining focused on only a few priorities at a time. If you continue to try to spread your focus too thin, by trying to do too much at a time, you will remain trapped in the cycle of poor performance, which has dogged you over the past few years and kept you trapped in mediocrity

You are most certainly going to encounter numerous challenges during 2015 and beyond, which are going to knock you down. The secret to succeeding and turning 2012 into your best year ever is to expect challenges, accept them as an integral  part of the success journey, and then overcome each one that comes your way by standing up each time you get knocked down, better equipped and stronger than you were before you encountered the challenge.

Make 2015 your year for keeping every commitment you make to yourself and others. Always under promise and over deliver on every commitment you make. It is far easier to perform and deliver your best work from a foundation of integrity and a place where you feel worthy, than it is from a place where you are constantly making excuses to yourself and others about your lack of delivery.

It is time to take your unlimited talent and finally turn it into something great, believe in yourself, invest time into making yourself better every day, give your best, expect and overcome challenges, make 2015 your year for integrity and delivery and next year will be your best year ever.

Author: Andrew Horton Motivational Speakers


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