Motivational Speakers – Why do you Deserve to be Successful?

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Why do you Deserve to be Successful?

Real Sustainable, long term success, is seldom the result of strength, talent or skill, but rather an outcome you will enjoy, as a result of sustained daily effort and perseverance. My experience has shown me that the only difference between those, who get to realize their potential and those, who don’t, is an invincible determination to succeed on the part of the latter. You can succeed at almost anything, if it is aligned with your values, you believe in yourself and you can see it as not only probable, but possible for you.

Do You Deserve to be Successful?

What does success mean to you and do you deserve to enjoy the level of meaning and fulfilment, it will bring into your experience? Until you feel deserving, of any level of success and you know why it is important to you, to have that level of meaning and fulfilment in your life, it will be impossible to inspire yourself daily, to do the sometimes difficult tasks necessary to succeed.

Action Idea:

If you feel like you have been spinning your wheels for the past few years and you just don’t seem to be making any progress. Then it is time to take a few steps backwards and for you to explore the few concepts below, to try to discover what is holding you away from the success you desire and deserve:

  • Explore your concept of success and define what success looks like, feels like and what you will be doing when you are successful. Write this down as a narrative, which is easy to understand, believe and feel on an emotive level. Read this at least twice a day, once in the morning and again just before retiring to bed in the evening.
  • Why do you “WANT” that level of success, meaning and fulfilment in your life? Again write a short, easy to understand and believe narrative, which you should read at minimum twice a day.
  • Why do you “DESERVE” to have that level of success in your life? Again write a short narrative, which is believable, has meaning to you and will allow you to feel deserving. Read this to yourself at least twice a day.

The understanding and knowing, which this simple exercise will unlock in you is almost magical. It will clear things up in your mind and give you fuel to ignite the fire of inspiration in your belly. Remember if you keep doing things the way you have always done them, you will keep getting what you have always gotten. So if you want things to positively change in 2013, then commit to do things differently from now on and give the above exercise a whirl. The investment of time and effort will be well spent, as it will help you to unlock your inner inspiration, passion and commitment.

It all starts with Belief

Until you believe that you deserve to be successful, you will remain trapped in an unfulfilling life with no meaning. Your beliefs dictate your behaviours and as your behaviours (actions) dictate the results you will get to enjoy. Break your crazy commitment you have to those dream killing beliefs, which are sabotaging your success and preventing you from taking the daily action you know is necessary to manufacture the future you want. It is time to change them for a set of dream building beliefs, which will completely transform your life in 2013 and beyond. I believe you deserve to be successful and that you should live a life of meaning and fulfilment, do you?

You are the creator of your life experience; make every moment count by striving to bring the best out in yourself every day in every way. Your success and the impact you have on the world is built with your best, consistent and persistent daily effort. What are you waiting for, make 2013 incredible? Dare to do things a little different this time around and you will invite the meaning and fulfilment you want into your experience.

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