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Inviting success into your life happens daily, never in a day

As you know there is nothing more valuable than your time. You can get more money, better relationships, improve your health, with better exercise and improved eating routines, grow your spiritual connection and improve the fulfilment you get from your career, but as long as we continue to view time as linear and mono directional, there is no way for us to get any more time each day. Once you have spent the time, which is allocated to you, it is gone for ever. All you are left with, after investing or wasting each moment, is a memory of what was and a reality of what is, both of which are a result of the choices you have made or failed to make in each moment.

Choices mould your future

The choices you make or fail to make, the actions you take or fail to take and the way you invest or consume your available time each day, dictates how your life will unfold. If you continue to choose leisure and entertainment over work and being industrious, you will remain trapped in an unfulfilling life of average. If on the other hand you make the wiser choice and you reduce the amount of time you rest and entertain yourself and instead invest a significant portion of your available time towards being efficient and effective, where you focus on taking goal specific action daily, designed to help you travel the path towards the meaning and fulfilment you desire, the floodgates of success will open and the meaning and fulfilment you desire will flow into your experience.

Simple Process for success

I often get approached by young, aspirant professional speakers, who want to become motivational speakers or trainers. They ask me to tell them how they can become really successful and make a name for themselves on the speaking circuit. My advice to them is simple, “You can never become successful at anything, unless you hone your skills and become recognised as the expert in your niche. So if you want to become successful, then discover who you need to become and do whatever it takes to become that person”.

The only way for them to consistently make the improvements they need to make and grow into the type of person they need to become, to attract the success they desire on the speaking circuit, is to practice the art of speaking daily and to learn as much as possible every day, until they become recognised as the expert in their field. This sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? The only challenge these new aspirant speakers have, is that as easy as it is to practice speaking daily and to invest the time into their personal growth, so easy is it not to.

Do it Daily

The secret for inviting any level of sustainable success into your life comes from daily consistent and persistent inspired action. To help the aspirant speakers take the daily action they need to take, I have a really simple tool to remind and support them. I am sharing this tool with you today, as I feel it will help you achieve the greatness you desire too. I ask them to print a calendar for the month on an A 3 sheet of paper, which they stick in a prominent position, so that they will see it a number of times throughout the day. It must also be in a very public place, where as many people as possible can see it.

The next step for the aspirant speakers, is to take a thick red marker and mark a big red cross over each day, which they actually practiced speaking and invested into their personal growth. As the month passes, they notice a red chain begin forming on the page. The secret to become a successful speaker is simply a process of practicing the art of speaking every day, learning as much as possible every day and then marking their success on the A 3 page every day.

Their only job is to ensure that they never break the long red chain on the A 3 page. As soon as they complete one page they must move to the other 11 they have printed for that year. Eventually once that year has passed and they have taken the inspired goal specific action they need to take daily, they will get to enjoy the success they want as a professional speaker. You too can use this simple system to invite any level of success into your life, if you remain committed to take goal specific inspired action daily and you never break the red chain.

Don’t break the chain

This system of ensuring that you never break the chain, works because it is in front of you all day and your work colleges or family members, quickly point out and remind you to take the daily action you need to take, if they notice that there is a cross missing and the chain is broken. Give the chain method a go. You will astound yourself with what you can achieve, when you take consistent daily goal specific action and you never miss a single day.

Making this work for you

Choose a new behaviour or success habit, which you want to develop and ingrain in your life. Ensure that it is something, really important to you and that if you carried it out every day, it would help you achieve one of your biggest goals. Only choose one new behaviour at a time. Now print out your 12 X A 3 calendars and stick them in a prominent place, where both you and the people, who will support you can see it. Now simply mark a big red X on each day that you perform the new behaviour, never break the chain and achieving any goal becomes possible.

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