You Can Master 2016 and Have Fun Too

Another year has passed, and we all spent some quality time with the people we love, relaxing and having fun. These next few days are a perfect time to sit and reflect on everything that has happened or not happened during the past year. This solo time is a wonderful opportunity to learn all the lessons that 2015 has to offer and to see how you can project these lessons into 2016 and beyond, so that you can keep improving. Make a conscious effort to make some time to sit and visualise 2016 as your best year ever.

The success you enjoy next year is not going to just show up. It will be the result of careful planning, taking consistent action, which you consistently measure and adjust until you realise all your goals. As you sit and reflect on, deliberate and journal all the good and bad of 2015, carefully record all the opportunities for improvement and give yourself time to reward yourself for all your successes.  Once you have completed this crucial exercise it is now time to finalise and clarify your vision for 2016, explore your values and define and clarify your goals.

Your success in 2016 will depend on how well you are able to accept responsibility for creating everything in your life. If you continue to blame your external conditions for your lack of progress, you will remain trapped in a life that seems to go nowhere. Your .beliefs and fears are the major factor that is limiting your progress and sabotaging your success. It is time to accept that you are responsible for creating the conditions that will support your success and to stop blaming anything else for your lack of growth. Create an awareness of the one person that is standing in your way and commit to remove this limiting factor forever. That person that is standing in your way is no one other than YOU. You have the power to make new choices and to drive new and better results in 2016.

You attract success by the person you become. Your net worth will never exceed your level of self-development or self-esteem. The more you are able to learn, grow and display the full extent of your unlimited potential on a daily basis, the more likely it is that everything you desire will turn up. Make a real commitment to your on-going growth and development in 2016 and you will set the foundation for creating an incredible year filled with success.

It is time to stop diluting your efforts in 2016, make this your year for prioritisation and complete focus. The only way to master your life and to begin to play in the big league is to choose a few priorities, no more than three at a time and to then focus all your energy on completing these. Make the leap from simply being busy, where you achieve very little and move yourself into the realm of efficiency and productivity.

Action Idea: 

  • Set time aside every day to work on your life
  • Switch off technology and do some real valuable work every day
  • Focus your energy on learning new behaviours that will support your success.

The best way to become a real winner in 2016 is to commit to out learn, outwork and outperform the old you in every way. Create new daily habits to read and commit to ferociously improve every facet of your life and constantly improve the way you think and live. The secret to make all this work is to start enjoying every step in the journey next year. Ensure that you make time to relax and rejuvenate on a regular basis, just have fun and enjoy the simple things in life.

May your year be filled with prosperity and all the love and grace you can handle.


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