Motivational Speakers – It is Time for You to Re-fire and Create the Life you Have Dreamed About

Motivational Speakers

It is Time for You to Re-fire and Create the Life you Have Dreamed About

I met a really amazing lady yesterday; she really inspired me with her attitude and drive. What was really outstanding about this lady was that she was 86 years old. I told her that I was astounded by her vigour and energy. She looked at me quizzically like there was nothing unusual about an 86 year old lady having such drive and passion.  She then told me something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. She said she would never RETIRE, all she did every day was RE-FIRE and enjoy every minute she had on this beautiful planet. Wow what a lesson we can all take from this remarkable ladies book. She is an inspiration to us all.

I cannot understand the desire of some people, where they spend their entire life doing something they hate, so that they can one day retire and just sit under a tree somewhere, watching the grass grow. Life is an amazing journey of creation and of constantly doing meaningful work. One of the greatest ways of inviting satisfaction and meaning into your life is by basking in the warmth of a job well done. We are on this planet as creators and as long as we are involved in activities, which inspire us and allow us to live a fulfilled life of meaning, we will feel content.

Well if you are not enjoying your life or career choice right now, what can you do? You can continue to allow yourself to feel overwhelmed, remain trapped in a life and career that you hate and wait for retirement before you begin to live. Or you can make a different choice right now, where you get a crystal clear vision in your mind of exactly what you want your future to be like; create a strategic plan to and then develop a new success routine to support you to get there. Once you make this decision, you get to live a life of meaning right now. You get to take daily action, which has meaning to you and as you have a clear direction for your life, you feel far more content and satisfied with everything in your life. Almost miraculously everything in your life changes, things that were in your way before, miraculously seem to change and they are now on your way towards creating the future you have envisioned.

Building a career or future you love, requires you to know what you want, but mostly requires you to commit to take the right goal specific actions every day, to ensure that you keep moving in the direction of the vision, which you have created for yourself. Most people remain trapped in lives and careers they hate, because they never make time to carry out their daily goal specific priorities. Make the choice today to develop a new daily success habit set, which includes time to carry out your goal specific activities and you will, over time start to live the future you have envisioned. The small goal specific actions you take every day will over time add up into the success you desire. For me this is a no-brainer, keep doing what I have always done and remain trapped in a life you hate or create a vision, make time every day to take goal specific actions and over time create the future you want.

I challenge you to make a different choice today and to finally have the courage to break out of the trap of discontent and overwhelm, you currently find yourself trapped in. It is far easier to bear the small burden of daily discipline and to finally get to live the life you have dreamed about, rather than to continue down the current road you are on, where you get to remain trapped in a life you hate. Daily discipline weighs ounces, whereas regret weighs tonnes. Continuing doing what you have always done, means you will continue to get what you have always got. Dare to do things differently and you will astound yourself with how your life will change.

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