Motivational Speakers – How can you Achieve your Vision?

Motivational Speakers

How can you Achieve your Vision?

Can you Turn “NO-THING” into something worthwhile?

All the goods and services, which make our lives better every day, started out as simply a thought or an idea in someone’s imagination. Why do those products or services even exist in the first place? How did a simple thought, an idea, transform into something tangible. What separates those ideas and thoughts that enter our heads and then simply disappear, from those thoughts that are acted upon and turned into something tangible and of value?

The Difference is Vision, Belief and Action

The ideas that are taken from our mind and made into something real; are ideas that are given life in the mind of the dreamer. They do this by creating a crystal clear picture in their mind, where they see the product or service as both possible and desirable. This vivid vision or picture of possibility, which they hold in their minds eye, feels so real, it can actually be seen, felt, tasted, smelt and even heard, as though it already existed. If you want to turn your dreams from just a thought, into something real, you need to start the process by building a vivid picture of possibility in your mind and then by setting goals, creating a plan and taking goal specific action daily, you will convert your thoughts into tangible things.

Now that you know what you want – It is time to plot a route to get you there

Create vivid pictures in your mind’s eye about the future you want, and turn this into your written down vision for the future. Then begin the process of converting these pictures of possibility, into your future reality, by creating goals and a strategic plan to make it all possible for you. Finally break your plan back into individual daily actions, which you perform daily. Then simply wake up every day, shake it up and ensure that you take a few targeted, goal specific actions every day and your vision will gradually turn from a mere thought, into your future reality.

Achievers always have a Plan

The one thing that stands out the most for me, about all the successful people I have researched and whose biographies I have read, is that each one of them had a plan behind their success. So even if you are unable to unlock the individual success recipe, which has allowed someone, you admire, to achieve incredible success, to use a a foundation for creating your own pathway to success. Know that the path is far easier and requires far less effort, when you have a plan.

Create your Plan for Success

Once you have a crystal clear picture in your mind of exactly what you want your future to be like and you have clarified your vision, by writing it down. It is time for you to create a plan for your future success, one that will work well and will take you to the finish line powerfully and in style. I have written some ideas below to help you create your  “Power Plan for Peak Performance”.

Build a Plan that Works for you

All people are different, some people need plenty of detail in their lives and they work best with a very detailed plan, which highlights every intricate step in the process. Other people are more freewheeling and work better within a plan, which offers only an outline or framework, within which they must work.

The first question to answer is “What is the right plan for you”? The right plan is one that suites you and your style. A plan that is unique to your circumstances, one that fits you and is right for you. Each of us is unique and driven and inspired by very different things. No one knows you better than you know yourself, so as you create a plan, ensure that the one you design, suites your personality and it is one that considers your strengths and weaknesses. Your plans will only be of any value, if they are designed so that they help to keep you inspired and encourage you to take action daily.

Set Goals and Take Action

If you fail to plan, you are most certainly planning to fail. Not having any plans at all is a plan too; it is just a very poor plan, where you are left to the whims of everyone and everything around you. You are left travelling through your life like a rudderless boat, with no real direction or purpose at all.

To make goal setting work for you, ensure that you create a set of goals, which will keep you on track and when achieved will allow you to live the life of your dreams. Ensure that your goals also include a plan to guide you to become the type of person you need to be to enjoy the success you want. Remember you attract success by the person you become. So as you consistently work to grow and expand, your world will expand too. Resources, people and things, which may have been unavailable to you before will, as if by magic, become attracted to you. It is time to stop just dreaming about the future you desire and wishing things would change for you. Today is your day, the day you wrestle back control of your life and predict your future by writing it yourself, one inspired daily goal specific action at a time.

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