Motivational Speakers – Escape the treadmill of Average and Pull the Trigger on Super Achievement

Motivational Speakers

Escape the treadmill of Average and Pull the Trigger on Super Achievement

By just looking at someone, can you tell what they have been through or what they are capable of achieving? In fact just looking at yourself in the mirror every day, can you tell what you are capable of achieving? The truth is it does not matter where you have been or what has happened in your past, all that matters is where you are going or rather where you are going to end up. The direction you choose for your life and the place you finally end up is directly proportional to your belief in yourself and your attitude, which you project to everyone around you.

As you know attitude is contagious, have you ever wondered whether your attitude is worth catching? Does the attitude you project to the world reflect who you really are or are you putting on a false face to please the people around you every day? Unless you can be authentic and be who you really are inside, you will be left spinning your wheels, feeling like you are trapped on a perpetual treadmill of discontent. Now is the time to start making the changes you need to make in your life, to create the tomorrow of your dreams.

In fact where you are right now, is exactly the right place, to start building the future you have dreamed about your whole life. Don’t delay any longer; make the decision right now to make the few small shifts you need to make to completely change your life for the better. If you don’t make the few small shifts necessary to start positively changing your life, then who do you think will make those crucial changes?

Unless you commit to begin making the changes or small shifts you need to make to your behaviour or daily routines, you will remain trapped in an unsatisfactory life and be left searching for meaning and fulfillment, which may never come. You will astound yourself, with what you can actually achieve, when you identify the few small positive changes or shifts you need to make and then you commit to use your willpower and daily discipline to introduce these into your life. After about 90 days these new behaviours or routines will become your new habit set.

There was a really impoverished young boy, who lived in a very poor area in South Africa. They would regularly receive visits from a man who would walk around the house where they stayed, with a clip board, with a pink piece of paper attached to it. He would direct the burly workers to pick up and carry the furniture out of the house. He would then mark down on his clipboard and note each piece of furniture, as it left the house. This marking and removing of furniture would continue until the entire house had been emptied of furniture. That night the little boy would sleep on the floor in an empty house, with an empty belly, dreaming about the life he would lead as an adult. He was determined that he would not struggle like he saw his parents struggling as a child.

He would sit and day dream, watching the fancy cars race past the front of his house. They were in fact driving his cars on the way to his life. The picture these fancy cars and business executives conjured in his mind, was the basis of the picture he began to visualise in vivid detail in his mind. He created a crystal clear picture in his mind of exactly how his life would be when he grew up. He could see the life he would lead, the car he would drive, the house he would live in and the comforts he would enjoy as an adult. That little boy was in fact me, I have since realised all my dreams and in many ways exceeded my wildest dreams in terms of the life I now lead. My past struggle only serves me in one way today, it serves as my teacher. The lessons learned during those years of struggle, inspire me to apply sufficient discipline every day, to keep moving further and further away from the place of struggle, I Lived as a little boy, into the world I visualised myself inhabiting, when I grew up.

You too can move your life away from struggle, into exactly the place you want it to go. If you can develop a crystal clear vision of exactly where you want to go and then build a strategic plan, to help you move from where you are today to that wondrous place you have envisioned in your mind’s eye for tomorrow.

Action Idea: When you create your vision for the future, make it as vivid as possible. Try to actually see yourself living that life today. Actually try to feel the emotions you will feel when you succeed. Try to visualise exactly what you will be seeing, hearing, touching and tasting, when you are living your vision and you will add fuel to the fire of your inspiration and drive to succeed. The more emotions and senses you can bring into play, when you create your vision and picture yourself living that vision, the easier it will be for you to remain inspired, passionate and driven to succeed.

Author: Andrew Horton Motivational Speakers


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