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Motivational Speakers

Self-Talk – Friend or Foe

The actions you consistently take every day have a huge influence on the way your life turns out and as you know the actions you take are influenced by the thoughts you think and the self-talk you engage in every day. So what do you think will happen if you changed your self-talk and spoke differently to yourself? Do you think you could positively influence your daily actions?

If you use metaphors like “I am a starving Musician” or “I go to the grindstone everyday” or “I hate the sweat shop where I work every day”, do you think you are creating a good picture in your mind, where you see yourself succeeding and becoming a super achiever. How do you think the picture would change in your mind if you modified your metaphors and self-talk to rather say “I am a highly paid professional musician” or “I do what I love and I love what I do” or “I am on my way to the success I deserve”? Do you think you would be creating a far better foundation for your on-going success and happiness?

This presentation by one of the most entertaining motivational speakers and time management training experts will show you that the self-talk you engage in creates pictures in your mind that will either empower you or weaken your resolve. When you continually look around your environment and fill your head with negative self-sabotaging, self-talk like, “I will I never be able to afford this”, you are telling your brain to reinforce this negative belief and to show you all the reasons why you will never be able to afford something. Our brains are incredibly efficient at answering our questions and supporting our self-talk, with information, so your brain will deliver all the reasons to you, why you cannot afford something, reinforcing your belief.

Make a small shift and begin asking better more positive questions like, “What do I need to become to deserve this in my life”. Now your brain has something positive to focus on and it will begin searching for answers to help you become more. As you become more, you will inevitably attract more into your experience and everything will improve. This small shift away from the negative to a place where you train yourself to ask better more positive questions will see massive changes in the results you will be able to realise in a very short space of time. As you will be operating in a far more positive state, you will also feel far more content and happy.

Action Idea: Create a set of positive statements or affirmations that you have in reserve. The statements that I use at the moment are listed below:

  • I am a genius and I use my wisdom daily
  • I have a perfect memory and can recall things as and when I need them
  • I have a photographic and audio graphic memory and can recall things as and when I need to
  • I am a highly paid extra-ordinary professional speaker
  • I am a very relaxed, entertaining and humorous inspirational speaker

These statements resonate with the areas I want to strengthen in myself right now. You must look at your own unique situation and design a few powerful statements or affirmations that are aligned with any areas you want to strengthen in your own life. Once you have memorised these statements. Every time you start to have negative thoughts or you begin to ask negative self-defeating questions. Keep repeating one of your positive affirmations or questions over and over until the negative thought disappears.

This is an extremely effective way of creating new positive neural pathways in your brain. The more you are willing to believe and act on your affirmations the more you will grow and become of service to yourself and the people around you. Your self-worth will improve and you will effortlessly begin to achieve the most remarkable things. Change your self-talk and you will change the way your life will turn out in the future.

Author: Andrew Horton Motivational Speakers


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