Motivational Speakers – Allow Yourself to set your Childish Gifts free once again

Motivational Speakers

Allow Yourself to set your Childish Gifts free once again

Andrew is one of the top motivational speakers in South Africa, he will show you that meaning and fulfilment is seldom discovered, when you fill your life with trinkets and treasure. Uncovering what really fulfils you, starts with you allowing yourself to see your world through those childish eyes of wonder and fascination once again. It is never too late to have a great childhood. There are so many characteristics we possess as children, which we allow the pressures of life, to kill in us. It is time to introspect and to unlock all of these incredible “SUPER POWERS” once again. When you rediscover your hidden “SUPER POWERS”, you equip yourself with a tool kit for unlimited achievement.

We are all born with Perseverance

Learning to walk is one of the most difficult feats any toddler manages to accomplish. There are numerous muscles and neurons in our brain, which have to work in unison to allow us to balance, shift our balance and to finally walk in an effortless fashion. It is amazing to watch toddlers as they try over and over again to master this incredibly difficult skill. Yes they fall; they scrape their knees, bump their heads and even bleed. Yet they persevere and persist until they conquer all the challenges that cross their paths.

As toddlers we Don’t Give-up

How many times do you think a toddler, falls down, gets up again and keeps trying until they learn the art of walking, before they give up? Do you think they try 100 times and then just sit defiantly looking up at their mother saying it is too hard, so they are giving up? Or do they keep trying until they succeed and learn to walk? What has happened to that persistent little toddler that just never gave up?

Can you imagine what you could achieve, if you could search and re-discover that same level of persistence and perseverance, you possessed as a child, now as an adult?  You would be unstoppable and could achieve anything you wanted. Where do you think that perseverance has gone to? Is it gone or are you just denying you have it? Why do so many people forget how resilient and persistent they actually are? Why do so many people give up as an adult, when they reach the first hurdle on their path to living their dreams?

Failure Does not Exist

There is no such thing as failure; you can only fail if you give up. As long as you are still persevering and attempting to succeed, you have not failed. Your progress may be blocked by a challenge or a roadblock, but these are not failure they are just unresolved challenges or roadblocks, which you have not overcome yet. Uncover that persistent toddler, which is hidden within you, keep trying, never ever give up and you can never fail.

Dare to Ask Questions Once Again

Become curious like you were as a child once again. Ask questions. Children will ask a million questions until they are satisfied. Have you ever observed a child in action, they will keep asking their parents questions about a subject until they understand or they get their parent to relent on something. We lose this innate ability as an adult, because we are so terrified by the thought of rejection, so we simply just stop asking questions. As time passes, we gradually ask less and less questions, until we stop asking questions altogether.

Questions are Crucial to Success

When you stop asking questions, you lose one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal of sustainable achievement, namely your curiosity and the feedback this brings. With practice your curiosity can become one of the most powerful tools you have available to help you to learn and grow. While adults are stepping on ants, oblivious about what is going on around them. Children are observing everything in their world, studying everything they can and learning as much as they can. .

Ask Questions – There is no such thing as rejection

Think about the concept of rejection. Before you ask anyone a question, you do not have whatever you are asking for. If they say no, you are in the same position. Nothing has changed. Things only change if they agree to your request. Unlock the child in you once again and start to ask as many questions as possible. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance, ask for feedback and ask questions to gain knowledge. When you start to ask questions once again, you will be amazed at how many people are willing and able to assist you as you travel down the path towards outstanding achievement.

Getting Regular Feedback

Asking questions allows you to constantly get feedback on your efforts and performance. The more regularly you get feedback from your environment, the easier it is to monitor your daily activities and to ensure that they are aligned with the outcomes you want to achieve. Whatever gets measured gets done. Have the courage to ask questions, get feedback, review your progress and your efforts will be far more focused and successful.

Persistence, Perseverance, Curiosity and Inquisitiveness

Learn the art of re-awakening your perseverance, persistence, inquisitiveness and curiosity, which you possessed as a child and you will have uncovered an incredibly powerful set of tools to help invite meaning and fulfilment into your experience. This powerful combination will unlock your unlimited potential and equip you for sustainable long term success.

Andrew is one of those motivational speakers, who will ask you what are you waiting for, dare to search deep inside yourself discover your hidden power tools for success and begin using them to create the future you deserve. You possessed them as a child, they are not gone. They are just buried deep inside an adult, who has forgotten about the wonderful gifts they possess. Stop wasting these incredibly powerful gifts any longer; they are there for the taking, if you are willing to search and find them.

Author: Andrew Horton Motivational Speakers




  • Claudette Birkett /

    I enjoyed reading your article,very empowering and so true.On occassion one tend to forget the power of perseverance.Thank you for your enlightening article.

    • Thanks so much for the great feedback Claudette. It is really rewarding to know that my article was of service. May you have a blessed and amazing year ahead filled with love and grace

  • Austin Bene. /

    Inspirational. A worthy reminder. Thank you.

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