Do you REALLY appreciate all you have?

You are so privileged to be alive at the best time ever. You have so much abundance around you and in you. Are you truly grateful for all you have? I believe that, when you can look around your world and see all the things, which are working and then identify with all these positive experiences. It puts us in a far better, more positive place, where you feel more inspired, passionate and driven to take the daily action you need to take to succeed.

When you are thankful for what you already have, while you invest time to grow into the type of person you need to become, to attract the level of success you desire. The positive mind-set, which gratitude encourages, will support you to more easily overcome or mitigate the inevitable setbacks, roadblocks or challenges, which will cross your path. Being grateful will not reduce the number of challenges or setbacks you experience, but the positive thoughts it will place in your brain, will make them all seem less ominous or overwhelming.

Gratitude and Thankfulness Open the Windows on Opportunities

I am sure you have heard about your Reticular Activating System. (RAS) this is a neural net of nerves at the back of your head, just above your spine. Ostensibly this is your brains Google search engine, which assists your brain to sort through the billions bits of information, which bombard your body every second and allows you to select only the most important information to process.

Just as with any Google search, the information you will receive, is only as good as the programing or words you use. The same is true with your RAS. If you do not consciously program it to search for the exact information you need to succeed, it will randomly sort through information and supply you with information it thinks you need.

For example: If you are constantly focused on lack and all the things you have that you don’t like, such as being in debt, being overweight or not having a great relationships. Your RAS will search your environment and supply you with as much information as it possibly can, to help you reinforce all these areas of lack.

On the other hand, when you are focused on gratitude and thankfulness, you will be telling or programing your RAS to search your environment and discover more of the wonderful things, which bring you joy and meaning. This will effectively program your brain to search and discover opportunities, which will support you to achieve greatness.

Your experience, knowledge and commitment, towards consistently growing and expanding, has brought you to where you stand today, but it is gratitude and thankfulness, which will continue to open the window of opportunities, blessings and the wonderful unique experiences you will enjoy in the future.

Daily Gratitude and Thankfulness will change your life

Consistently looking around your world, discovering all the wonder and magnificence, which you have to be grateful for, is the catalyst, which will change and revolutionise your life. It will unlock new levels of success; even you will be astounded to see. Remember though that gratitude is only the beginning. The challenge you still face once you have used gratitude to put you in a better place, is that you still need to challenge yourself to produce.

Gratitude creates the focus, assists you to identify the opportunities you need to succeed and creates a far better atmosphere to keep you inspired and driven to succeed. It does not however physically assist you to take the daily action you need to take. That is still up to you. The more inspired action you take daily, the greater will be your level of success.

Become as productive as possible

Focus on producing more than you need, not because of greed, but rather because this will help you to support and help many others to achieve great blessing too. When you can support a cause bigger than yourself, it is truly amazing what you can produce. Work to become as productive as possible, because once you become incredibly productive, it is astounding what the numbers turn out to be in the end and how many people you can support and help to grow.

It all starts with gratitude, be thankful for what you already have and what you have already done and then commit to be as productive as possible and the miracles can begin in your life today.

Andrew Horton

Andrew Horton

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