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You Become Who You Associate with

After attending this presentation by one of the best motivational speakers in the field of time management training you will understand that who do you surround yourself with, have you chosen your neighbours, friends and associates wisely? Research has shown that we eventually dress, think, talk and act like the people we surround ourselves with, should something that has such a profound effect on us be left to chance? If you want to support your success and give yourself the best chance of succeeding in 2012, then you must invest time to look at all your associations. Discover all the people that support your success journey, people that are on a similar success journey themselves or who have achieved what you want to achieve, people that read the right books, hang out in the right places and think thoughts that support your journey and actively invest your valuable time with these people.

Action Idea: You need to be clear on exactly what you want to achieve in your future. Then invest time to discover the type of people that will support this vision. Armed with this crucial piece of information, examine your existing relationships and see if they meet your requirements.

I know this sounds really mercenary and flies in the face of traditional friendship, but until you surround yourself with people that support your vision, you will remain trapped in a cycle of little or no progress. The people that you surround yourself with have a massive effect on your performance. The right people will support your efforts and accelerate your success and the wrong people will retard or even stop your progress altogether.

This presentation by one of the best motivational speakers in the field of time management training will ask you to look around your world at the successful people you know. They are surrounded with other successful people. The reason they are surrounded by successful people is no accident. They do not arrive at success one day and then find other successful people to invite into their world; they invite other successful people or other people that are on a similar journey to theirs, to join them along the way. This mutual support is one of the key reasons they became successful in the first place.

Look at the people you now surround yourself with:

  • Are you surrounding yourself with people that will support your current journey?
  • Do these people have a desire to see you succeed?
  • Are they successful themselves or are they on a similar journey to yours?

If the any of the answers to these questions is less than satisfactory, it is time to make few tough, yet very necessary decisions. Do you eliminate, reduce or encourage relationships with any of the people in your life?


If there are any people in your life that are really holding you back, encouraging you to engage in behaviours that sap your energy or they are any sort of bad influence on you or your success. It is time to eliminate these people from your life completely. This sounds really mercenary, but if you want to turn 2012 into your year to finally achieve amazing results, a very necessary decision.


If there are people that neither support nor discourage you, but they are not on a similar success journey to yours. It is crucial that you reduce the amount of time you invest around these people. Time is one of your most valuable possessions, so invest yours wisely, do not waste time around people that cannot support you and your vision.


Anyone that has achieved the level of success you desire or is on a similar journey to your own, who can be your accountability partner, is the type of person that will support you and your vision. These are the people you want to invest the most time around during 2012

If you continue to surround yourself with people that are subconsciously hostile toward your success or they do not support you on your success journey. You will constantly be dragged away from your path and struggle to achieve anything meaningful this year. On the other hand if you surround yourself with supportive people that are encouraging and want to see you succeed, you will prosper and most certainly turn 2012 into your best year ever.

Jim Rohn said it so well when he said “If someone is going down the wrong road, he doesn’t need motivation to speed him up. What he needs is education to turn him around.” Ensure that the people you surround yourself with during 2012 are there to offer support and education and that they are not helping speed you along your journey in the wrong direction.

Author: Andrew Horton Great Motivational Speakers South Africa


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  • mpho kekana /

    if i realize that the people that revolving around my life are not showing any interest to uplift my goal,is there any way i can change their way of thinkin and build their interest to be attracted by what i desire instead if quitting from them?

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