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Give Freely – Find Meaning – Become Unstoppable

It is not too difficult to look around your world and see that people, who give freely, receive copious amounts of whatever they give, back in return. People, who enjoy the most love in their lives, are the people who give their love freely to all the people around them. The people I have observed around me, who have the closest friends, are the most friendly themselves and they are always giving friendship, love and caring to their friends. It is a simple fact that if you want anything, you must be willing to give whatever it is you want to receive away, without any expectation of receiving anything in return.

Break the Obsession

This selfless act firstly means that you are not obsessed or too attached to whatever it is you want to receive. For example if you want to enjoy more financial wealth, then you must detach yourself from the deep desperate need you have pent up inside you for money and instead realise that money is merely value. If you want more value, then you must become more valuable. I know that sounds really obvious, but when you explore this on a deeper level, you will see that when people are obsessed with pursuing money, they focus on the wrong thing. Instead of working to improve their value, they try pursue the acquisition of money.

There is Enough for Everyone

Anything you pursue will always elude you. Once you can authentically, see the abundance is all around and you realise that money is merely value, which you earn, it will be easy to give and share your money freely. The free sharing of your money, allows you to create a state of mind, where you understand that money is abundant and that as you grow your value, so too will your net worth grow. I have seen that as I have shared my good fortune with others, my own personal wealth has grown exponentially.

I must add here that I never give to desperation; I only ever give to inspiration. I know this will shock some people, but I will never give money to empower someone to remain trapped in poverty, I will only ever donate money, resources, training or support to people, who want to improve their position in life. Giving money to desperate people only empowers them to remain trapped in that desperate place.

Commit to Personal Growth

Remember that you attract success by the person you become, as you become more, you will always attract more. You can never become more, when you are focused on pursuing money at any cost. Your continued commitment towards your personal growth and development, will add real and lasting value to you and as a result you will attract more and more money and other value into your experience.

Creating the Habit of Giving

I am sure that you want to start the great success habit of giving to others. To break the ice, start by giving small things, share a smile with a stranger for example. Have you seen how the lady at the check-out counter immediately improves her mood and demeanour towards you, when you flash her a smile and show real interest in her. You could offer to mentor someone, who you could support to improve their circumstances. Your commitment to share your abilities, skills, time and money to support and uplift people will invigorate you and put you in a very positive place.

Giving brings great benefits

Stephanie Brown PHD, from the University of Michigan, showed the benefits of giving. Her research showed that seniors, who freely gave and supported others, felt far better about themselves and even lived far longer, than those who just sat back and received. The art of giving, without the expectation of receiving anything in return, offers so many benefits, I cannot believe that more people are not doing it.

Make giving freely of yourself, a new daily success habit and you will see remarkable, benefits flow into your life. You will feel more fulfilled, have more meaning in your life, your health will be incredible, abundance will flow to you from ever quarter and you will just feel better about yourself and the world. There is nothing more fulfilling, than giving freely to inspiration and expressing your love for others. Once you have created the habit of authentically giving freely, without any expectation of receiving anything in return, you will become the greatest recipient of whatever it is you give.

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