Motivational Speakers – Do you believe that being Average is OK?

Motivational Speakers

Do you believe that being Average is OK?

My intent with this article is to grab hold of those magnificent people out there and by those magnificent people, I mean you too, and give them a gentle reminder that they are only idling and if they wish to break free from average, they are equipped to do so. What are you waiting for, before you believe in your own power to create exactly the life you desire and then for you to pull the trigger on possibility, where you start to take daily inspired action, to make it all possible for you. You don’t need a sign to get you going, all you need is deep rooted belief in yourself and a dose of daily commitment and passion to keep you going.

Become Faithful to Incremental Progress

All the successful people I have researched have big expectations for the future and a clear vision or picture of possibility about what they want. They then believe in themselves and their ability to bring their vision to life. With commitment and daily action they then gradually breathe life into their vision. The biggest reason they achieve their goals and travel along the path towards their vision, is that they are faithful to small daily, consistent and persistent action. There is unlimited power in taking small inspired actions every day.

Most people are stagnant and stuck in lives devoid of meaning and fulfilment, not because they do not have what it takes, but rather because they never commit to take small and consistent actions daily. I have just been notified that my LinkedIn page is one of the top 1 % of the most visited pages on LinkedIn. I did not achieve this in one day; by throwing everything I had into encouraging people to visit my page. It has been the result of consistent and persistent effort over two years, where I have posted interesting articles daily, seldom missing a day. This consistent effort has resulted in me exceeding even my own expectations and allowed me to effortlessly achieve my own goal of dominating in my industry on LinkedIn.

Success Begins with Action

As soon as you decide what you want to achieve, immediately take action, no matter how insignificant or small the action may be. This starts the process of achievement and initiates the momentum you will need to succeed.

If for example your dream is to speak in front of an audience of 10 000 people, then sitting at home waiting for a call from a conference organiser, who needs you to talk at their upcoming event, is as effective as shouting at an approaching tornado and demanding it go away. Start small and develop your craft daily, by becoming a sponge and learning everything you can about your subject and then actively search out opportunities to speak to anyone who will stand still long enough to listen to you. Speak to each group, no matter how small and imagine you are speaking to your audience of 10 000. Keep chipping away; taking small actions daily and I know that the phone will eventually ring with an invitation to speak to your dream audience. Small incremental daily actions, eventually do add up into success.

The Power of Momentum

Start taking small tiny actions, daily and over time the momentum of these small activities will add up into incredible success. There is virtually unlimited power in the momentum, which comes from daily activity. When you commit to daily action, what seemed impossible before becomes possible, as you work daily to make it possible.

There have been numerous times in my life where I have felt immobilised by fear and overwhelmed by the sheer scale of what I was trying to achieve. I remember the first time this happened to me. My grandfather saw my fear and walked over to me and whispered “Just Do Something” in my ear. Inspired by my grandfather’s words, I took one small action that day and every day, which followed and all the seemingly insignificant steps gathered momentum and I eventually achieved my goal of learning to walk again, after being paralysed in a car accident.

Break the Paralysis

No matter how daunting any goal may be. If you are willing to break it back into bite sized chunks and take only a few small actions daily, carrying out even one small bite sized chunk every day. You will eventually achieve any goal. The secret to start this process is to “Just Do Something” today and then to repeat this commitment daily, until you succeed. As you remain committed to take the actions you need to take daily to succeed, you will move past the starting point and gradually move towards the place where it all become possible for you.

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