Break Free from Your Comfort Zone

We are all addicted to our comfort zones and would rather plan to escape from our mediocre lives, than take the steps needed to change them. This is highlighted with the fact that we spend weeks planning our annual vacation and never spend even one minute planning for the future success we desire.

Not planning for your future success is a plan of sorts; it is just a bad plan. If you do not invest the time into creating the future you desire, you will be like a paper cup blowing in the car park. You will have no direction and will blow aimlessly through life, arriving somewhere ten years from now. The place you will arrive will most certainly not be aligned with your dreams for the future.

Take control of your life today and accept that you are responsible for creating the future you desire. This is an incredibly empowering decision and puts you in the driver’s seat of your future success. Yes you will be moved out of your comfort zone and yes you will feel challenged. The benefits of creating a fulfilling and satisfying future that is aligned with your dreams will make it all worthwhile.

When you are planning and designing the future you visualize, you feel in control and all the apprehension you feel about the future, seems to fade into the background. Keep taking daily action that is aligned with your plan, measure your progress regularly, reward your successes, constantly revise and improve your plan and everything becomes possible for you.

Break free from the rut of mediocrity and accept that although it is comfortable to get home after a long day at work and just collapse in front of the television. This pattern of behavior will bring you nothing but unhappiness and keep you trapped in an un-fulfilling life that will go nowhere. If you want to live the life of your dreams and fantasies, you must accept that it is going to take change, discipline, commitment and perseverance.

You will need to change your destructive patterns that are keeping you trapped. It will take daily discipline to get home after a hard day at the office and plan, learn and carry out positive actions that are going to put you on the track to success. You will need to be committed to your success, because there will be challenges along the path to the success you desire. Managing and overcoming these will require you to persevere, until you succeed.

You are filled with immense potential, commit to your success and commit to unlock and exploit all your abilities. You will see great results in your life if you apply yourself and you are willing to pay the price that performance,  future success and happiness demands.

You have the ability to put your unique human potential into action and to achieve the most amazing things. Have the right attitude; believe in your abilities and potential, commit to apply the correct amount of intensity to your daily activities and you will see the quality of results you desire.


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