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Long-term sustainable success is built on a foundation of mutually beneficial relationships. As you invest time to develop meaningful relationships, with as many of the right people as possible, you empower yourself to invite unlimited success into your experience. Your inner circle and your network of connections, contain a gold mine of possibility for you. Incredible things will begin to happen as you mine this resource, by giving first.

Build relationships by giving first 

The easiest and most effective way to build a network of the right people is to always strive to surprise everyone in your network, with your generosity, willingness to help, and a commitment to always work to exceed his or her expectations. Make a habit of assisting people in your network with new business contacts, leads, or any other support they may need, with absolutely no expectation of any reciprocation from them at all.

Law of Reciprocity

Despite the fact that you have no expectation to receive anything in return, they inevitably will want to develop a meaningful relationship with you and will support you in return. As you give first, you will start building trust, establish good relationships and friendships with people, who will want to assist you in the future. View people that you invite into your network as friends and partners, people that can depend on you and that you in return can depend on too.

Help people to grow and improve

Look for ways to help as many people in your network improve their lives and businesses, without any obvious ulterior motives or expectation that they will reciprocate in return. As you continue to give freely, you will become a trusted and integral part of the network.  Everyone in your network will over time respond spontaneously to your positive input and attitude and want to assist you in return, without feeling pressurized or obligated.

When you operate from the stand point of always working to help as many people as possible, in your network to succeed and you are always helping others with advice, leads and referrals you will be viewed as a really valuable contact and people will develop a deep down desire to reciprocate and help you in return.

Always show Gratitude 

When someone helps you in any way, always send a thank you note or gift. This is an opportunity to once again exceed expectations and show that you really care and appreciate the help you have received. Instead of simply sending an email response, hand write a letter and hand deliver it to the person or send an appropriate gift, which shows your appreciation.

 Become an active member of the network

  • Always look for ways to do kind acts for people and do positive things for everyone in your network.
  • Send birthday cards, send clippings from newspapers about subjects that you think will be of interest to them and show real interest in the wellbeing of everyone in your network.
  • Keep your promises and follow up on any commitments that you make and always do what you say you will do.
  • Do everything possible to put in as much as possible into building these really important relationships and you will know with confidence that you will ultimately get far more out.

You reap what you sow

The most powerful, influential and successful people in life always look for ways to do “GOOD”, in the lives of others. Develop the habit of always asking people how you can assist them. Always look for ways to put in as much as possible into any relationship and you will end up getting far more benefit from that relationship.

Be Empathetic

Strive to always be open and emphatic and try to be sensitive to the needs and concerns of everyone you touch. When you do this consistently you will become far more influential in a really positive way.  Work to influence others with the impact of your personality and generosity and you will open your self up to accomplish so much more. This positive shift in the way you treat the people around you will support you to enjoy the success you deserve.

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