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This presentation by one of the greatest motivational speakers in the field of time management training will allow you to see that an optimistic attitude is the first tool you need in your arsenal, when tackling any change or challenge in your life. Optimism or lack thereof is a choice and only you can decide how you want to embrace these very necessary choices about the attitude you choose to project to everyone around you. A positive attitude is always the wisest choice when tackling or anticipating any change.

Action Idea: Use the questions below to help you to view any challenge or change from a far more positive standpoint.  These questions will help you to shift your mind set and allow you to create a far more positive attitude, around the changes or challenges; you are beginning to experience in your life.

Ask yourself these “What If” questions below:

  • What if I believe these changes are only going to make my life better?
  • What if these changes are the universe just preparing me for my amazing future?
  • What if the challenges I am facing right now are the best wake-up call I have ever had?

Andrew is one of the most entertaining and informative motivational speakers. He will show you that by viewing all the changes you are now experiencing or will experience in the future, in a far more positive fashion, you make accepting and embracing them, far easier to manage. All positive changes or new habits that you choose to introduce into your life will also become more effective and deliver far better results, when you operate with a genuine positive attitude. Once you have established your new success habit set and you consistently project a positive attitude, you will have created a strong foundation for dealing with change from an empowered position. This will allow you to rewire your brain to automatically think more optimistically and instead of looking for all the difficulties, you will focus your energy on discovering opportunities.

Make the shift in the way you view any challenge or change, try to keep your mind focused only on the positive outcome you know awaits you. This positive mind-set will allow you to change your perspective, highlighting concepts and opportunities, which may have remained hidden from you, had you allowed any challenge or change to overwhelm you.

Positive change only Brings Good

You have the choice to either allow change to control you and dictate the direction of your life, which will invite loads of negative, uninvited challenge into your life or you can choose a positive attitude in which you know that all change and challenge is fleeting and part of the success journey. Choosing to allow change or challenge to overwhelm you, will create an untenable situation, which is difficult to manage and will cause you a huge amount of unnecessary stress. The better alternative would be to expect change and challenge, plan for it and thus invite change into your life that is expected and manageable.

Action Idea: Have the foresight and courage to invest the time to slow down, stop and look at your world. What has changed or is changing? Change has become as certain today, as both death and taxes were in the previous century, so closing your eyes and pretending that change is not happening, is as effective as standing in the path of an approaching tornado and trying to blow it away with your breath.

After attending this presentation by one of the greatest motivational speakers you will be equipped to understand why the  more accurately you are able to predict any current or future changes, the more equipped you will be to create a vision for the future, which you can turn into an avalanche of super achievement. Visionaries like Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, and Donald Trump are leaders in their perspective industries because they are able to predict trends and changes. Accurately predicting and exploiting any future trends or changes will completely revolutionize the way your future will turn out.

From this moment forward choose to open your eyes and begin to look at your world differently, know things are changing all the time. Now making discovering and utilizing all the changes part of your new success habit set.

Daily Success Habits:

  • Allocate time each week to look at your environment, actively looking for change.
  • Explore all change and look for opportunities.
  • Choose to be more disciplined.
  • Take persistent action daily
  • Allocate your available time more effectively
  • Measure your progress as often as possible

Positive changes are obviously far more desirable than negative changes. Research shows that it is far easier to adjust to positive change than to negative change,. If you choose not to plan for and to introduce positive change into your life, negative change will most certainly turn up, due to neglect. The disciplines that are required to bring about positive change are very easy to do, but unfortunately they are also very easy not to do.

Choosing not to carry out the success habits as described above, which will promote your long term sustainable success and simply allowing circumstances to dictate how your future will turn out, is very naïve. After reading this article, you now have the privilege of awareness.  You now know that you possess the power to create the future you desire by design.

  • What are you waiting for?
  • What will it take to start developing this process in your life and for you to begin making positive change happen for you?

Designing your future by design, anticipating and planning for challenge and change, does not mean that you will not encounter any challenges along the way. Nothing meaningful has ever been achieved without encountering and overcoming change or challenge. On your path to the future of your dreams, plan for change and challenge, expect change and challenges and accept that you will have to manage change and overcome all challenges that may come your way.

The hardest, most difficult changes or challenges will eventually bring a gift to your life. Sometimes the gift will be obvious and sometimes it will take a while for you to “appreciate how the change or challenge has benefited you”.  Try to remind yourself of this guiding truth, when you try to deal with the change or challenges that you may be facing in your life right now or that may cross your path in the future.

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