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Imagine, what it would be like, if you were forced to watch a continuously repeating vivid movie, at the end of your life. Depicting the life you could have lived, had you, believed in your dreams and had the vitality and foresight to take the daily action you needed to take to succeed? I could not imagine a worse sort of torment or torture than that.

Play your movie now

The truth though, is that, as you still have your whole life ahead of you, you can start playing that movie now and use those vivid images to inspire you to take the daily action you need to take to achieve the success you want. That vivid movie, which you will play in your mind, is the perfect picture of possibility or the prize, you can focus on achieving in the future, which will inspire you to pay the small price you need to pay today, to enjoy the success you want. The more vivid, real, believable and inspiring you can make the picture of possibility, the more likely you will be equipped to overcome obstacles and have the discipline to take the action you need to take to achieve greatness.

Making it real

Every idea, dream or goal starts out as only a spark of energy or a thought in someone’s head. Those thoughts can only be converted into something tangible or real, through consistent inspired daily action. This process requires planning and thought. The greater the effort put into the planning phase, the easier will be the success you can enjoy.

Action Idea: The greatest reason most people feel that they cannot succeed, is not because they do not have sufficient time available. The truth though, is that, it is never a shortage of time, but rather a massive shortage of focus and lack of commitment towards taking daily inspired action, which keeps people trapped in average. Remember that things happen because of us. Stop wasting another second of your valuable time worrying about doing things you want to do, but cant. Rather focus your energy on completing tasks, which are aligned with the outcome you want to achieve and which you can do but don’t want to do.

Stop being a spectator

The greatest destroyer of your energy and potential, is holding onto nagging regrets about things you did or did not do, or living in dread or apprehension about what you won’t be able to do tomorrow. Wrestle back control of your life and accept “If it is to be then it is up to me”. As soon as you believe in your ability to succeed and you accept 100 % responsibility to make it happen for you. Your whole life will change and the magic will begin, as you invite meaning and fulfilment into your experience.

Vision and Goals

Vision is the vivid picture of possibility you plant in your mind and replay as a detailed movie, as often as possible throughout the day. It is effectively the direction you want your life to go in the next few years. Goals on the other hand are the individual things you intend to make happen or a description of how you are going to achieve your vision. Your dreams and goals are your vivid previews or the coming attractions of things to come.

Success is not limited

Success is abundant and there is more than enough to go around. It is not like a pei with a limited number of pieces. As one person becomes successful, it does not detract from or rob anyone else of becoming successful too. As anyone becomes successful, they increase the size of the pie and there is more available for everyone. Dare to dream, believe in your potential to succeed, plan carefully and then take action daily and you will achieve greatness.

Andrew Horton

Andrew Horton

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