If you Change, your World will Change

You play an integral role, in the way people treat and respond to you. If you are not enjoying the way people in your environment are treating or responding to you right now, there is only one thing you need to do. Change the way you treat and respond to all the people around you. As you know it is impossible to change anyone else, but changing yourself is one simple decision away. As you change the way you treat people and you begin to show people how you want to be treated, almost as if by magic, everyone around you will begin to treat you differently.

Action Idea: Evaluate your own behaviour and try to discover how you are contributing, allowing or encouraging people to treat you the way they do. People will only ever treat you the way they are allowed to treat you. You behaviour, actions or lack of action, is encouraging people to treat you in a certain way. If you want to change the way people treat or respond to you, then break the pattern, which is allowing the current circumstances to prevail.

You are indeed in charge of everything in your experience. If you want to change anything in your environment, the change needs to start with the one person you have 100 % control over, namely, you. When you accept that all change begins and ends with you and you finally take responsibility or said differently you take charge of your life and future, you empower yourself to begin making progress towards the life you have always dreamed about. What are you waiting for? If you want to change anything or everything in your life, that change is only one decision away. By making one different positive choice, you can completely change your life for the better.

We are living in one of the most volatile, changing evolving environments mankind has ever experienced. These times we live in are both exciting and scary, but offer the most incredible opportunities for anyone, who wants to explore and discover new horizons. The thinking and ways of doing business, which have got companies and individuals to where they are today, will most certainly not get us to where we want to go tomorrow. Open your mind and start exploring new and better ways of doing things. It is no longer an option to vegetate in front of the television every night watching other people’s lives and successes.

The world has opened up and the global economy we work in every day has moved the goal posts and changed the playing field forever. The people competing for your job are not similar people to you who live in your suburb. Your competition sits all around the world, in some cases with empty belies, eager to grow and become more. If you are to remain competitive, open your eyes and begin to see that if you are not growing your knowledge and skill base every day, you are actually going backwards.

Time is the ultimate equal opportunity employer, it never ever stops or rests, has no reason to hesitate or to look at the past or the future, it simply expends itself entirely in the now. Once time has passed it is gone forever and can never be recovered. Stop wasting even one more minute on frivolous activities, which may deliver pleasure in the moment. Start to invest into improving and growing your knowledge. I am not suggesting that you stop entertaining yourself completely. I am however suggesting that you reduce the number of hours you spend a day entertaining yourself and increase the number of hours you spend educating yourself every day.

As you grow and become more, everything in your life will change. Resources which may have been unavailable to you will almost miraculously appear in your experience. People, who you only dreamt of as possible allies, will see you in a very different light and approach you and want to support you. Everyone around you will begin responding to you very differently, you entire world will change, when you change and commit to a path of on-going learning and growth. I have no doubt that the more you invest into learning, the more you will end up earning.


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