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Success is Optional – Change Inevitable

Change, like death and taxes is here to stay; how you choose to view it and use it, is up to you.  You can either choose to allow change to scare you or even overwhelm you or you can make a wiser choice and choose to accept and embrace change and use it as an opportunity generator, the very catalyst, which will allow you to discover new opportunities. The choices you make about how you will view change and your approach to dealing with it, will determine whether you achieve your goals this year or whether you accept average and once again settle for way less than you deserve and are capable of achieving.

 All we experience are events

Everything that happens to us and around us, are merely events. We give these events meaning, based on our current circumstances, perceptive background and needs at the time etc.

For example: If two boys climb aboard a roller coaster ride, one is an Adeline junkie, the other a very sensitive boy, who is terrified by the thought of being out of control. The roller coaster will speed around the track, with one boy shrieking with joy, the other silent and filled with fear. This one single event, namely the roller coaster ride is interpreted, completely differently by both boys.

The same is true for the events, which occur in our lives every day. We interpret them and based on a number of factors we choose to either make them positive or negative. Therefore if you really want to make this your year, where you enjoy better results and finally get to achieve your goals, then you must become aware of how you interpret the “facts” or events you are exposed to.

Be aware that everything you experience is in effect only an event and the way you interpret or explain it, is often not the only way it can be seen or interpreted. If you are willing to look at events differently and have an open mind, you will see that there are always different possibilities or truths about what is possible for us.

Things will change if you interpret them differently

A perfect example of how shifting the way you see an event, can allow you to see things very differently and allow you to get a more objective account of the event is shown in these examples below:

I was rejected by a potential client today

Interpretation one: I am useless and will never amount to anything

Interpretation two: Excellent, I am one rejection closer to making the next sale

Interpretation three: There is no such thing a rejection, because nothing has changed. Before I asked for the sale, I never had the business. The prospect said no, I still do not have the business. Things only change when the next prospect says yes. Let’s move on to the next prospect and close the sale.

There are always many ways of interpreting the events, which occur in your life. Teach yourself to always look for the positive option, by asking positive questions and you will put yourself in a far better more positive place, where you can either very quickly mitigate challenges or discover the opportunity, the challenge or change has brought you.

Be Objective

When you learn to be objective and ask positive questions, every time you are faced with a challenge or things in your world have changed, you equip yourself to objectively explore the facts. Events do not control your life, it is how you choose to interpret and respond to events, which will determine how your life will turn out. Make the shift today and learn the art of positively interpreting change or challenge and instead of allowing them to trigger a negative response, where you want to give up, rather let them inspire you and make you more determined to succeed. The same event can either overwhelm and stop you or it can light the fire of inspiration in your belly and make you more driven to succeed.

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