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Oprah Winfrey stated that “Success occurs, when Preparation, meets Opportunity”. What are you doing right now to ensure that you are preparing, so that when you uncover that opportunity, you are prepared to take full advantage of it? Are you investing into those small disciplines everyday that are contributing to your personal development?

Small disciplines like:

  1. Setting time aside every day to read good books on human development.
  2. Utilizing the dead time whilst commuting to listen to Audio recordings that will help develop your knowledge and skills
  3. Setting time slots aside every day as “Meetings with Your Future” in which to carry out the daily tasks that will contribute to you realizing your goals and dreams.
  4. Making the healthier food choices.
  5. Exercising every day, so that you are healthy with plenty of energy.

These small disciplines are really easy to do every day, but unfortunately they are also easy not to do. The cost of developing a new habit set that will allow you to carry out the important small disciplines every day, wanes into insignificance, when compared to the cost of not carrying out these daily disciplines. The cost is Divorce, bankruptcy, failure, lost opportunity, poor health, lack of energy and a general loss of self worth.

Make the right choice today and begin to build one small positive habit every day that will contribute to your personal development and then go about the business of discovering opportunities that will contribute to your future success.

Strive to become an enterprising person that sees great things in almost anything, they look at a pile of scrap metal and see a sculpture, or they see a run building and they see a housing development. Practice the art of looking for opportunity in everything and you will be amazed at the how opportunity seems to keep showing up. Keep your eyes open at all times, actively seeking new opportunities and stay alert to everything going on around you.

When you have invested into creating sufficient skills, knowledge and ability within yourself, you begin to believe in yourself and your ability to take advantage of any great opportunity. You become confident, creative and you have the disciplined habits ingrained into yourself to seize every opportunity that you manage to uncover, regardless of the economy.

Become resourceful and visualize the future in the present, do your research, make sure that you are prepared and then go after any opportunities with gusto and all the energy you can muster. Learn the art of taking advantage of every situation and avoid the trap of allowing challenges to burden you, thus turning you into a helpless victim. You are a victor and must learn to think like one and you will become one.

Become creative and actively search out opportunity and then work to use your skill, knowledge and ability to shape the opportunity to your advantage. Look at the world a little differently and shift your thinking a little and take a different approach to the way you view things in your environment and then have the courage to be a little different from the crowd and to stand alone if you have to. Then the most important philosophy is to choose the discipline of enterprising activity over dream killing inactivity and you have discovered the secret to success.

When you begin to feel good about yourself and you improve your feeling of self worth, you actually become more enterprising and you want to seek out new opportunities that will make a difference to the way your future will turn out. This becomes a positive cycle that contributes to your confidence, creativity and self-worth, which in turn contribute to the development of your enterprising nature.

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