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Motivational Speakers

Dare to Break out of the Herd

This motivational Speakers intervention will guide you into the final stretch of 2012. This is not the time to ease up and get into that typical end of year lazy feeling, where we all use those really handy excuses, like we have worked really hard this year or the holiday season is upon us, to justify why we go into cruise mode, for the rest of the year. All the winners I have observed, do exactly the opposite this time of year. They kick into high gear and actually do their best work between now and the end of the year. This is the perfect time to break away from the herd and to shine.

This is the time when everyone else is going into cruise mode, so grasp your opportunity to grow your market share, overrun your competition and complete those really ambitious goals you had for 2012. As you know you can only coast in one direction. Dare to be different and when everyone else is backing off, press down harder on the accelerator and give your all.

Dare to Finish 2012 as strongly as Possible

Inviting success and sustainable achievement into your experience is not a sometime thing, which you perform occasionally. It is an all-time thing, which you do all the time. Inviting success into your experience, will feel effortless, when you commit to develop a success habit set, which drives your daily activities. Your success habit set, will allow you to effortlessly perform all the daily activities you need to perform, to achieve the outcomes you want.

We all have habits, ones that restrict us and hold us away from success and ones, which help us to effortlessly drive the positive activity we need to succeed. It is time to invest into creating your own success habit set. This will encourage you to develop positive daily routines, which will allow you to carry out all the daily tasks you need to do to achieve greatness. You daily success habit set or positive behavioural routine is all that currently separates you from the super achievement you want. Invest the time today and start to construct yours, once you have created it, nothing can stop you from succeeding.

Discipline Creates Habits – Habits Create Meaning and Fulfilment

Yes, it is going to require discipline and that dirty four letter word “work”, to create an effective habit set that will drive your daily actions, which will allow you to achieve the success you want. The alternative is to continue to nothing and to just allow yourself to continue coasting through life. Average is always a comfortable choice in the short term and feels good in the moment. As you know it feels really satisfying to slouch in front of the TV, for yet another evening of pointless entertainment, but let me assure you, it feels a whole lot better, when you are able to delay the gratification and you finally invite real meaning and fulfilment into your life.

Invest the time and effort into building your new success habit set and you will subconsciously take all the daily actions you need to take, to achieve greatness.


This motivational speakers intervention will show you the difference between meaning and empty pleasure in the moment, is vision. When you can visualise the prize you want to experience in your future, you will be prepared to pay almost any price to achieve it. Use your discipline to postpone your pleasure in the moment and invest the time and resources to create your unique success habit set and you will finally get to feel fulfilled and live the life of your dreams. Your life is not a dress rehearsal, you get to live life daily and never get any additional time for makeovers. Dare to be different for the remainder of this year and you could make this your best year ever.

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