Decide to Navigate Towards the Success you Desire

There is no guarantee that, if you consistently think positive thoughts, you will be equipped to achieve anything concrete in your life. The only certainty, which flows from consistent positive thoughts, attitude and actions, is that you are better equipped to carry any burden or manage any challenges, which will inevitably cross your path. A positive attitude, optimism and perseverance are the qualities most often associated with sustainable success, why waste any more of your valuable energy on negative thoughts, which sap your energy and make finding success so much more difficult.

As anyone, who has travelled the path towards success knows that the path is often blocked by challenges or setbacks. By maintaining a positive attitude, despite the inevitable challenges, which cross your path you are able to find solutions to mitigate or manage any challenges and in many cases, this very positive attitude and self-belief allows you to discover opportunities hidden within any challenge. You can never fail at anything, unless you give up. Challenges only become failures if you give up and accept that you have reached the end of your journey. Failure is an end result and means that you have chosen to abandon your dreams. Keep chipping away at your success and everything is possible for you.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FAILURE! You can never pack FAILURE into a wheelbarrow and walk it down the street. Failure

FAILURE and is only possible, if your resolve and determination to succeed is not strong enough.

Sustainable Success

Real authentic wisdom is seldom the result of study or education, but is revealed to you over time, as your experience evolves and you open yourself to learn from both, the challenges and victories that arise, along your path to success.

Sustainable success is not the result of strength, talent or skill, but rather an outcome you will enjoy as a result of sustained effort and perseverance. The only difference between those that get to realize their potential and those that don’t is an invincible determination to succeed.

Believe in Your Success

Your beliefs dictate your behaviours and as your behaviours (actions) dictate the results you enjoy. Why do you choose to hang on to those beliefs that are sabotaging your success and preventing you from taking the action you know are necessary to manufacture the future you want. I believe in your success, do you?

The positive changes you desire in your life, will materialize, as you develop the patience and perseverance to overcome all the difficulties and obstacles you will encounter and you completely commit to become the success you desire

The bookends of success are, having the desire and inspiration to get started and the tenacity to keep going until you succeed.

The path to Success is One Decision Away

It is of little value to apply the first ingredient of success, namely “Making Good Decisions” and then you lack the will to, manage your decisions and the discipline to apply your energy to support them.

Practice the art of managing every decision you make and you will begin to see remarkable things in your life

Begin to examine the opportunity that lies within you, to explore & know an extraordinary life. Awaken from the slumber that is keeping your dreams as only distant thoughts, with a low probability of materializing & begin the conscious work of converting them into something real & tangible. Visualize your dream in the present, create a believable action plan that can be applied daily, then simply pull the trigger and see your thoughts become real

Making it Happen

To convert your life into the joyful, effortless, successful and carefree promenade that you deeply desire. Will require you to develop and apply a set of success habits that will keep you focused, determined and completely committed, to exploring your excellence, expressing your abilities and exploiting your potential, on a consistent basis.

Author: Andrew Horton Motivational Speakers



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