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Entertaining Motivational Speakers South Africa

Discovering Purpose and Clarifying Your Vision

The first month of the New Year is well on its way to being over. How are you doing with keeping your commitments, to carry out the daily activities you need to do, to achieve your goals? Have you started this New Year the same way you have always done in the past, with a commitment to reinvent yourself and to finally live your greater life purpose? Yet by the middle of January, things feel like they are falling apart and you are once again so wrapped up in doing to survive, that getting to actually carrying out the tasks you need to do to achieve your goals, is a distant memory.

The challenge you face and the reason you seem to lose momentum every year is that you have not really discovered your true life or higher purpose. In other words you do not have a clear vision of what is important to you and more importantly why achieving this really matters. Until you know why making time for and ensuring that you keep all the goal activity commitments you make, is important to you. Other things will always be viewed as a higher priority to you and you will gradually neglect your goal activities.

This presentation by one of the best motivational speakers in the field of time management training will show you why your purpose, vision or reason why you want to achieve something, must become really compelling and be construed as more important or as important as all the other activities you carry out each day. Or the things that you see as more important will, over time, flow into your day, almost unnoticed to replace your goal achieving activities. You will always find time to carry out the activities you see as your most important tasks for the day, at the expense of anything that you subconsciously view as less important.

We all have a higher purpose and deep down we all know what it is. The challenge is to uncover yours and to then articulate it into a clear vision or purpose statement, which will inspire you. Discovering your life purpose and formulating a vision statement that clearly defines why achieving anything is really important to you, is not an event, it is a process.

I want you to start this process by exploring your life, where you begin to understand and read the clues that are visible all around you, clues that will gradually unlock and reveal your higher purpose or reason for being.

Action Idea: Scan your life and explore all the actions you are taking or have taken that have really inspired you. Try to uncover the common thread in all of them, this will begin to point you in a meaningful direction and help you to begin the process of discovering your higher purpose: Explore all the activities that have been or are the most meaningful, inspiring and make you feel the most alive and synthesize these..

  • What were you doing when you felt the most inspired or driven?
  • Where are your skills most profound?
  • What inspired you most when you were taking these actions?

All the actions you take, which make you feel good and you feel passionate about doing; are directing toward discovering and formalising your vision. When you experience feelings of gratitude or any strong positive emotion, you are on track and moving toward discovering your higher purpose. Pay close attention to those moments they are incredible clues. Living a life of meaning and purpose is all about doing what you love and loving what you do.

Action Idea:

  • Look back over your life and see who your heroes have been. What they do or did is an incredible clue to help you discover your life purpose.
  • What have you studied most or what do you enjoy studying most?
  • What do you think about most?
  • What in your environment inspires you the most?

Integrate all of these and search for a common thread. Each of the answers you come up with should give you a massive clue and will help you to uncover your higher purpose.

Until you have a clear vision and know why achieving your goals and dreams is important to you.  You will not place a high enough importance on carrying out the daily activities you need to do, to achieve your goals. Everything else will be seen as more important and you will relegate your goal achieving activities to the bottom of your daily to-do list. Uncovering and discovering your higher purpose, formulating a vision and understanding why your goals are really important to you, is one of the most crucial things you must do. Invest the time today to start this process; the results you will enjoy will be well worth the effort.

Author: Andrew Horton Entertaining Motivational Speakers South Africa





  • Roberta Budvietas /

    Where is your passion is an important question here. Not sure I would include vision and purpose in the same sentence as I believe they are different and vision is an expression of purpose

    • Thanks for the feedback Roberta. I like to keep things simple and as vision is an expression of purpose, I use them interchangeably to simplify a crucial process. The easier something as important as purpose and vision is to understand and more importantly apply in your life. The better will be the ultimate results one will get to enjoy. My experience has shown that integrating these two very similar concepts does far more good than harm. People are far more receptive and better able to apply the concept of purpose and vision, when they are integrated. People that are searching for their purpose are so desperately looking for a drum roll and sirens to go off when they discover their purpose, that they keep missing the obvious, calm knowing that goes with discovering their true life purpose. By integrating the two concepts together, I have seen far better results in my clients. They understand the process better and have far more realistic expectations about what discovering your higher purpose will be like and then they enjoy far greater success at utilizing this concept in their lives

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