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Discover Your Life Purpose

I believe that we are all born with a unique purpose and have a special reason for being on this beautiful planet. Have you managed to identify your true purpose in life, your true reason for being, your true vocation in life or the “right livelihood” for you?  As your Life Purpose becomes clear, you’ll discover passion and determination in every facet of your life. You’ll discover that knowing your true purpose, breathes life into everything you do and brings fun and fulfillment into your very being.  You will find that all the opportunities you need to live on purpose will be delivered to you, the resources and relationships that will guide you become available to you, and small successes will start to build on each other.

Until you find your life purpose you may feel incomplete and unfulfilled and battle to make any progress toward living your dreams.  You may feel like you are wandering aimlessly through the journey of life and may never find true happiness and passion.

Identify the “Why” that will propel you toward your dreams

From very early in our lives we are coerced to conform to the whims of our caregivers and to do what makes them happy.  This belief that we must do things, which make other people happy at the expense of what we really want in our lives , does not serve us as we grow up. We go through life doing many things to please other people, instead of living on purpose and only doing things that serve our purpose.  Until you find your life purpose, you may wander aimlessly on your journey through life and never find your bliss.

I believe each of us is born with a life purpose. Identifying, acknowledging, and honoring this purpose is perhaps the most important action super achievers take.”

Finding your life purpose allows you to gain direction for your life’s journey and allows you to organize all your thoughts and actions around satisfying this true essence that is you.  Anything that is not a true expression of your life purpose should be excluded from your life.

Once you have identified your true life purpose you will gravitate toward doing only those things that bring you closer to living your purpose.  Living on purpose will inspire and become the “WHY” that drives you to do what is necessary to live your dream life.  Once you know your “WHY” for living, everything in your life will become crystal clear.

What’s “On Purpose”?  Listen to Your Inner Guidance System

We have an incredible guidance system that tells us when we are doing things that serve our life’s purpose and will lead us to that magical place where we live our bliss.  This incredible guidance system easily tells us when we are living in alignment with our true essence or purpose.  This amazing guidance system, which tells us whether something is in line with our purpose and values, is quite simply, our emotions.  When something we do makes us feel really happy and good about ourselves, we are living on purpose.  When something makes us feel sad or bad about ourselves we are defying our own true purpose.

To help you find your life’s purpose you must try to think back and try to identify those times when you felt the most joy, happiness and fulfillment.  You life’s purpose has always been there, you need to let your inner voice speak to you and allow yourself to discover it.  Try to remember what you were doing; who you were with and what purpose you were you working toward at those wonderful times.  Try to identify the common elements, which were present during all the experiences that you identify. Try to identify the common thread in each. What made you feel have made you feel the most joy, happiness and fulfillment?

Once you finally identify your life purpose, your level of joy and happiness will serve as a barometer to guide you and keep you in alignment with your purpose.  By listening to your inner guidance system, you can consistently take corrective action to keep you on the path of following your bliss and live your purpose.  Life is an incredible ride, enjoy the trip.

Look Inside to Discover Your Purpose

Action Idea: To discover your true life’s purpose that is and always was within you:

  • You will need to look inside those areas of yourself, which have become hidden due to numerous external and internal factors.
  • You will have to learn to once again trust that inner voice within you.
  • You will have to stop blocking your connection to your intuition.

For you to realize your full potential and live in the magic of life you will have to take this leap of faith and trust yourself to listen to that inner voice and to try to see through those inner eyes. These eyes will reveal your true purpose to you.  If you are prepared to take inspired action, which is in alignment with your inner guidance system, then I can guarantee you that you will live in the magic of life.

It is important to make time to listen to your intuition. You’re most valuable intuitive wisdom often comes when you are relaxed and open to receiving it.”

Author: Andrew Horton Motivational Speakers


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