Discover what makes you unique

Formulate a Plan

Before you begin formulating a plan for creating the future of your dreams, you must first have the courage and foresight to conduct an audit of your current assets and liabilities.

  1. What distinct advantages or strengths do you have?
  2. Where do you have unique leverage or gearing?
  3. What skills are you lacking?
  4. What knowledge do you need to acquire?
  5. What weaknesses do you have and how can you reduce their effect on your future outcomes?
  6. What potential hazards lie ahead?

This is always the starting point when you want to formulate a plan to perform a turnaround on a company. Before you can take the first step toward making positive changes, you must first assess where it stands. You look at its current assets and liabilities. Explore any strengths and unforeseen or underdeveloped opportunities.  Take a real hard look at any weaknesses and identify where the most damaging threats are coming from. This assessment is very effective and necessary to perform a successful turnaround on any company. The same principle is also very effective in your life and works as an effective starting point to accelerate your life toward becoming a super achiever.

Play to your Strengths

After conducting this self audit you will have positioned yourself to play to your strengths and avoid your weaknesses. History has shown that we are far more likely to succeed, when we use our innate strengths and unique talents to the maximum. The secret to apply this simple, yet very effective strategy is to do enough due diligence on your skill sets, to discover your significant areas of advantage. The time invested into discovering and improving your unique strengths and talents will be well worth the effort and will offer significant returns over time.

Know your Weaknesses

Knowing your weaknesses allows you to build a plan that will allow you to work around those limiting traits. You can do this either by improving, avoiding or getting people with those strengths to assist you in those specific areas. This knowledge will help you thrive and avoid very expensive and painful setbacks.

There are many opportunities surrounding us all the time. Unless you are constantly looking for them they may go unnoticed. Be vigilant and always be on the look out for the advantages or opportunities that may be staring you in the face.

Uncover the Landmines

Invest time into discovering where the landmines or threats are lying hidden, before you enter the battlefield of becoming a super achiever. It is seldom the lack of opportunities that will slow or stop your progress toward becoming a super achiever. It is rather the constant barrage of unplanned and unforeseen challenges that may cross your path. Do not allow your lack of threat assessment to catch you off guard. Challenges are inevitable, so expect them, plan for them and never allow them to overwhelm you.

Commit to Lifelong Learning

Stay committed to your personal growth and constantly look for ways to improve and expand. Have the courage to take daily inspired action and you will eventually break out of the rut and take your life to the next level of super achievement.


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