Motivational Speakers ask you to discover whether you know Why you want it?

motivational speakersThe research, which I have been conducting on super achievers, will be revealed during my presentation as one of the top motivational speakers in South Africa.  I have conducted this over the past five years, it has led me to a number of very interesting  looking hypotheses regarding the characteristics, personality traits, philosophies and behaviors, they all possess. My objective has been to try to understand why some people achieve greatness. Yet more talented people, with so much pent-up potential, just seem to keep spinning their wheels throughout their lives and never seem to achieve anything meaningful. My research, so far, has revealed some interesting results to me.

Motivational Speakers reveal the Six Characteristics common to Super Achievers


Without exception, everyone of them had a crystal clear picture of exactly what they want to achieve in the future and when asked to describe it, they passionately look up to the right and deliver a passionate, description, of this picture of possibility, as though they have already achieved it. There is not even a moment’s pause, as they easily describe what they see in the future.

Can you describe and articulate your vision as easily? If you are not clear on what you want, then the way your future will turn out, is out of your hands and will be left to the whims of the world and those around you. Do you want to surrender your future to chance and have no control over how things will turn out? Wrestle back control of your life right now, by clarifying the direction you want it to go by, describing your vision for the future.


The second characteristic, which I observed in every super achiever, was an unwavering belief in their own ability to achieve their vision. When asked a series of questions about the possibility of living their vision. Without exception every one of them believed that they had what it took or they could acquire the knowledge or support they needed from someone who did. There was not a shadow of doubt in their minds that they would achieve their vision in the future.

How do you feel about yourself? Do you have what it takes to achieve greatness or are you constantly engaged in negative self-talk, where you constantly doubt yourself and your abilities? Building belief is a process and is not something, which will happen in a day. If you get support to help you build your self-belief, self-esteem and are 100 % committed to your future success. You can gradually build your crucial self-belief, to a point where it will support you to achieve the picture of possibility, you have envisioned for the future.

Commitment to Life-Long learning

As Jim Rohn said, “A formal education will get you a job, a commitment to lifelong learning, will make you a fortune” Without exception, every super achiever, I have researched was committed to their personal growth. They were almost like sponges, always looking for ways to grow and improve. They did not only read and/or listen to audio books, attend seminars etc. They were committed to grow every day, and it was so inspiring to be around them and to observe the hunger for knowledge. They were constantly asking questions, exploring, observing and consciously storing away any new lessons or experiences they had each day.

This presentation by one of the top motivational speakers in South Africa, will show you how much time do you invest into your personal development every day? I cannot say when you will start to see remarkable results start to unfold in your life. But I can confidently say that if you invest a minimum of 2 hours a day into your personal development and growth, you will over time, exponentially increase your pace of progress and attract incredible levels of success to yourself.

Work Ethic

Success in whatever form it may come is the result of consistent hard work, persistence and patience. Every one of the super achievers I have researched worked tirelessly every day on their success. Not one of them had any unique talent, unusual ability or social advantage. They were clear all just very clear on what they wanted, believed in their abilities, constantly worked to improve their knowledge, worked really hard and knew why they wanted to achieve greatness.

How hard are you willing to work? Does the thought of giving up some of your leisure time scare you? If you want to achieve the meaning and fulfilment you have only dreamt about until now. Accept that it is going to require work, do the tough stuff daily and the doors of possibility burst open on a future of wonder. Commit to do what it takes, be clear about what and why you want, believe it is possible for you to achieve it and “NO-THING” is beyond the realm of possibility for you.

Why do you want it?

All the super achievers also had absolute clarity about why they wanted to achieve their vision. The reasons ranged from significance, to legacy, to helping and supporting others, etc. All their reasons why they wanted to achieve greatness were focused on things greater than themselves. Yes, all of them at one stage or other had been driven by selfish, self-interest. But without exception, they all stated that, as soon as they changed their focus from self and instead focused on others or a reason greater than themselves, their whole world changed and greatness flowed in.
What is your reason why you want to achieve anything meaningful with your life? Uncover your reason why and everything just gets easier. Even when the inevitable challenges do come your way, you will have the drive, passion and deep rooted inspiration, to support you to mitigate or overcome all of them.

Love What you do

The other area where the super achievers really stood out, for me, was that they loved what they did. They woke up every day excited by the prospect of their day, anticipating the challenges and rewards it would bring. Do you love what you do, or are you waking up every day wondering how you will get through the day, week or year. Learn the art of loving what you do and you will have uncovered an incredible secret to success.

My Purpose and Vision

To live, to love, to be mega happy, consistently growing, helping millions of people invite similar levels of meaning and fulfillment into their own experience, for the greater good of all concerned.

Action Idea: Spend some time today thinking about all the above characteristics. I am one of the top motivational speakers in South Africa. I will ask you to explore your own characteristics  to see how you can sculpture or mold your own so they can become more prevalent. You are a super achiever, the only person, who does not believe it is “YOU

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