Motivational Speakers – Does It even Matter, Who you Spend Time Around?

Motivational Speakers

Does It even Matter, Who you Spend Time Around?

I have read numerous studies on success and the effect that the people you choose to surround yourself with, have on the type and scope of success, you will actually manage to achieve.  These studies have explored a number of variables around financial, career, relational and spiritual success. Every single study I have read found that the people you invest most of your time around, have a very definitive effect on all factors relating to most, if not all areas of success.

These factors are a commitment to on-going learning, reading daily, having a written down crystal clear vision, meaningful written down goals and a set of plans and action lists to help you achieve them. They also found that the people you surround yourself with, either supported peoples commitment to take daily action or they were the main reason why they neglected to take the goal specific actions, they needed to take to succeed. Who do you spend most of your time around? Are they encouraging you to achieve greatness or are they sabotaging your efforts?

2013 is your Year for Greatness

I am certain that the success you will enjoy in 2013 and beyond, is directly proportional to the people you have chosen to include in your inner circle. If you want things to finally change this year, it is time to take a really hard look at the people closest to you. I know this sounds really cavalier and harsh, but if you want to move to the next level, you will need to have the courage to examine all your most important relationships and remove the people who are holding you away from the success you desire.

Personal Audit: Are the people closest to you, in your corner, supporting, encouraging and helping you to grow or are they distracting you, encouraging you to constantly seek out pleasure in the moment, discouraging you and keeping you from taking the action you need to take to succeed.

Action Idea: Explore all your current relationships and discover the people who support you and your dreams – find ways to spend more time with these people. Now have the courage to make the tough decision and identify the people, who are distracting you and holding you away from your dreams – be ruthless and ensure that you spend as little time as possible around these people.

Next Step: Now look around your world and discover people who are on a similar success path to your own or who have already achieved the success you desire. Find innovative ways to invite these people into your life and spend as much time around them as possible. Their positive example will be your effortless passport to attract the success you desire into your experience.

How do you Invest Your Time?

Are you investing sufficient time into your personal development? The second most important factor related to the success you will enjoy, is related to who you are. As you grow, expand and become more due to education, experience and daily learning, you will inevitably attract more.

Action Idea: Put educational cd’s in your car and listen to them whenever you commute in your car. We spend an average of 500 hours a year in our cars. This equates to approximately two semesters at university. Are you investing yours into growth or are you wasting it on mindless entertainment?

Action Idea: Place a book next to your bed and instead of pushing the snooze button every morning. Rather read for those ten minutes every day. This may sound like a pointless exercise, but when the compounding effect is analysed. It becomes a very effective investment of your time. In those ten minutes you could read about five pages. These five pages a day, over a year, equates to about 1825 pages read every year. The average educational, transformational or inspirational book is about 200 pages. Do you think that reading about 8 books a year could change and improve your life?

Invest time into Improving your Health

Your body houses all the machinery required to allow you to have sufficient energy available, to tackle all your daily goal specific activities. The healthier and fitter your body is, the easier it will be to remain focused, driven and inspired. Exercise at minimum three times a week, for 30 minutes, drink sufficient water and cut down on those fatty comfort foods. For your body to have everything you need to succeed, it needs to be in tip top shape.

Make 2013 Great

Conduct an audit around all the people in your inner circle. Remove the ones who are holding you back, spend more time with those who support you and find new people on a similar success path to the one you desire to travel or who have already achieved the success you desire. Find innovative ways to spend as much time with them as possible. Second to last, invest as much time and resources as you can spare, into your personal development and stay committed to growing and learning every day. Finally make a real commitment to improving your health this year. The combination of these three crucial changes, will add up into massive success in 2013.

Author: Andrew Horton Motivational Speakers


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