Motivational speakers – Your Healthy Self-Esteem Unlocks your Dreams

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Your Healthy Self-Esteem Unlocks your Dreams

Have you ever wondered what attribute or attributes, makes some people winners while other people just seem to stand around life as spectators, watching their lives flash by in a wave of discontentment? I believe the biggest reason is vested in the fact that winners believe in themselves and they know that they deserve to win. The starting point for any level of success is vested in how much belief you have in yourself and all the possibilities available to you.

If you believe you have potential or talent, you will invest time and resources into improving or growing it. If you believe you are worthy, you will be willing to invest your most valuable possession into it, namely your time. If you believe that you can, you will do whatever it takes to learn how. All success starts with belief. What do you believe you deserve or are capable of achieving?

Belief in Action

I was working with a really great team yesterday. They were busy with a challenging team exercise, which was designed to help them work better together and understand their departmental vision. One of the teams quickly understood the exercise, communicated well, got a clear picture of the purpose of the exercise and was steaming ahead. The other team was not communicating, misunderstood the purpose of the exercise and was about to quit. I asked them to walk over to the team that was succeeding and observe them in action.

Within seconds of observing a recipe, which was working, they walked back to their station and easily completed the exercise. All that had changed in those few seconds whilst they observed the other team succeeding was that they saw it was possible and as such they immediately believed that they could do it too.

Healthy Self-Esteem

Believing in your own ability and having healthy self-esteem, is one of the most important attributes necessary to become successful in life. Success always starts with belief. It is time to start liking who you are and believing in possibility. Develop a strong sense of self-worth and see that although you may not be the best, you will always try your best.

Action Idea: Your feelings of self-worth will grow daily if you are willing to see your and reward your successes, no matter how small they may be, instead of always beating yourself up over the few mistakes you may make.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

If you want to grow your self-esteem it is crucial that you stop comparing yourself to others around you. You are special and unique in your own special way and have so many unique talents that others do not possess. Dare to be yourself, everyone else is taken. View yourself in terms of your own abilities, interests and goals.

Action Idea: Start to grow yourself by investing into your personal development. As you improve through all the personal development processes, you will grow in confidence and as you know, you always project on the outside, how you feel on the inside.

Become Value-Centred

When you project great core values, they radiate like rings in a pond of water. As you act from a value centred place, where you seek to give freely of yourself, constantly seeking to empower others, the people around you will respond by supporting and encouraging you.

Action Idea: It is important to feel good about, who you are, but never try to steal the glory by constantly talking about your victories. When you get praised, be willing to share the spotlight and when mistakes are made view them as learning opportunities and accept responsibility for them.


Self-Esteem is not something, which is won in the sporting arena, modelling ramp in Milan or by the size of your share portfolio. It is a profound belief in yourself, in which you see that you deserve to be happy. You live a life of meaning and fulfilment, combined with an inner knowing that you have whatever it takes to manage and mitigate any challenge, which life may throw at you. Healthy self–esteem is as necessary for human development and success, as oxygen is crucial to sustain life on this beautiful planet.

Unleash Your Value

Diamonds are valued not because they glitter, but because they are rare and virtually indestructible. It is time for you to uncover your own diamond and to allow it to shine. The diamonds you are seeking in your own life are in the depths of your own inner self, where your core values and self-worth are embedded. Search today and discover your own diamond, start to shape and polish it and allow your unlimited potential to shine. Accept yourself for who you are right now, see yourself as worthwhile, growing and becoming. Celebrate your uniqueness and know that you are deserving and excellent in your own way.

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  • Hi There

    Thanks for the inspirational message this morning. I am truly inspired. My challange is how does one take this into action. It is well and good that one receives the messages and get inspired but without being acted upon they are worthless.

    How would you advice me as someone who seeks success and only manage to collect these inspirational message and not going anywhere in terms of achieving goals? I have considered life coaching but how easy it is to find the right person

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