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Best Business Motivational Speakers South Africa

Think Better Thoughts and Create The Life of Your Dreams

I have spent the first two weeks of 2012, in and around Australia, on a cruise liner with Dr. Wayne Dyer. This time with Wayne and the many other amazing people that attended the Hay House manifestation cruise. Has allowed me some invaluable time to contemplate success and the reason why some people seem to almost effortlessly attract sustainable success into their lives. Whilst other people seem to work really hard and they just seem to spin their wheels, as they journey from year to year.

  • What is it that separates these two groups?
  • Why do some people almost effortlessly outperform everyone around them?

This presentation by one of the best business motivational speakers in South Africa will show you that as you start the single best year of your life, I want to share some of the answers that I have come up with over the past few weeks. These ideas are all invitations, concepts and tools, which you can explore and see if they can assist you to master your life. Applying some or all of these ideas consistently in your life, throughout 2012 may very well be, just what you need, to invite the type of success you desire into your life.

Your thoughts determine everything in your experience, good quality positive thoughts, will most certainly equip you to create better far better outcomes this year.

  • Your thoughts drive your expectations
  • Your expectations are what fuel your creative capacity
  • Your Creative capacity dictates the type of action you take, or fail to take every day
  • Your daily activity creates your reality.

This presentation by one of the best motivational speakers in the field of time management will show you that if you continue to drive your life by thinking negative thoughts, you are setting the tone for negative outcomes in your life. These negative outcomes, over time add up to a less than satisfactory life. You must train yourself to begin to think more positive thoughts and everything in your life will almost miraculously begin to improve. Every thought you think can either empower you through positivity and reinforcement or it can debilitate you due to negativity, doubt and lack of belief in yourself and your abilities. Choose your thoughts wisely every day, as these are the creators of your future experience.

You have spent your entire life programming yourself to think the way you do, so making the shift to a place where you think more positive thoughts, requires you to introduce some new programming into your life.

Action Idea: Spend some time exploring your thoughts over the next few days. Every hour, spend a few minutes examining all the negative thoughts you have thought during the past hour and write these down in your journal. After two to three days, once you can identify a pattern, extract the five most common negative thoughts you have repeated, by exploring your journal and identifying the most frequently repeated negative thoughts. Record these five negative thoughts by writing them down.

Using these five negative thoughts as your starting point, develop five new positive affirmations, which are the exact opposite of the negative thoughts you have identified. Whenever you find yourself thinking any negative thoughts in the future, repeat one of your new affirmations, until the negative thought goes away or you feel more positive. When you introduce these positive affirmations and you repeat them every time you think negative thoughts, you are effectively reprogramming your brain and forming new neural pathways. These new neural pathways will over time encourage you to think far more positive and reinforcing thoughts.

Example: Life is filled with inevitable challenges and every time you encounter a new challenge, you find yourself doubting yourself and your abilities. Instead of seeing the challenge as a normal part of the success journey, you blame yourself and keep telling yourself that you are not worthy.

Affirmation: I am capable and have the ability to manage and overcome every challenge I encounter and have what it takes and will do what it takes to achieve succeed.

After attending this presentation by one of the most informative and entertaining motivational speakers in the field of time management training you will see that the way your life turns out in the future and the quality of your daily efforts, is driven by the quality of the thoughts you think. Don’t you think it is time to start to consistently think more positive, developmental and reinforcing thoughts, so that you can support your efforts every day? Make this small shift and do the work necessary to reprogram your brain and you will most certainly turn 2012 into your best year ever.

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