Happiness Should be Your Drug of Choice

Unfortunately your brain does not come with an operator’s manual. So understanding how to use it optimally may seem very difficult and in some cases even overwhelming. Trying to understand that your body creates some really powerful chemicals, which can affect your mood and how you feel, can be rather intimidating and just trying to pronounce all the different names can be challenging enough, without trying to understand what all the different chemicals all do for us.

You don’t need to understand Brain Chemistry

Your mood can be altered by hormones like serotonin, neurotransmitters like dopamine or endorphins, all of which affect the way you feel. You can also artificially alter the way you feel by using drugs like alcohol or other chemicals to alter your mood. All I really want you to understand here is that your body is incredible and that it can manufacture chemicals, as strong as or stronger than the artificial chemicals some people add to their bodies, things like opium or valium. Your body is equipped with a natural ability to modulate your energy, emotions, ability to interact with others and to feel good. All the most powerful drugs are available to you right now, without a prescription and they are all accessible to you 24 – 7 – 365. The prescription free medication, which is available to you, is called “Happiness”.

Choosing to be happy is probably one of the best choices you will ever make, as it not only makes you feel good, but it also puts you in a perfect place to perform at your best. Happiness is not something, which happens to you, when an extrinsic factor gives you a reason to be happy; it is a choice you get to make, every moment of every day. An internal choice, where you get to accept that happiness is just an emotion, a feeling of joy, over which you have 100 % control. It is not something complex, mysterious or something, which is dependent on anything outside of you. It is the result of allowing yourself to feel hope, where you get to move your positive expectations along a path, which is given direction, by clarifying and believing in your dreams and all the wonderful possibilities available to you.

Choose Happiness

You do not need to chase happiness, medicate to invite it into your life or do anything extraordinary to find it. It is available to you right now, if you are willing to just allow and be happy. Have you ever tried to be unhappy with a smile on your face? Do your emotions manifest in your physical attributes and facial expressions or can you use your physical attributes and expressions to help you shift from an unhappy state to a more desirable one?

Action Idea: Next time you want to feel happy, simply put a smile on your face. You will astound yourself with how quickly you will feel more joy and happiness, when you just “SMILE.  Use this tool as often as possible; it will help you to get more control over your happiness.

Happiness is never found in Acquisitions

When you seek happiness in acquisitions, you will always live an unfulfilled and empty life. The place to be happy is where you are right now and the time to be happy is as often as you allow. Happiness exists around and within you all the time, open your eyes and you will see it. Real and lasting happiness is found in relationships, appreciating simple pleasures, respecting/ enjoying nature and all actions that express love. When you stop allowing your happiness to depend on what is happening in your environment, you stop being a victim of your circumstances and gain complete control over your happiness. You then become happiness and happiness is what you are rather just something you are always pursuing. Until you begin to change your view around happiness and make a real choice to be happy, it will always remain out of your reach.

What Price for Happiness?

What price would you be prepared to pay for the promise of a machine, which would guarantee your happiness? Virtually any price? Well you own such machine right now. Unfortunately it doesn’t come with an operators manual. That is however not a reason to waste all the wonders it brings. Just because you don’t know how to use it, doesn’t mean you should waste all the joy it offers. Invest the time in finding out how yours works-it’s well worth the price you may need to pay.

Author: Andrew Horton Motivational Speakers



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