Motivational Speakers – What Are your Expectations for the Future?

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What Are your Expectations for the Future?

Why do you think everyone has different expectations and beliefs about what they can achieve in the future? I know you are expecting a really profound answer here, but I am afraid the answer is really simple. Your most prominent thoughts drive your expectations. So what you think about, actually does affect the way things turn out in the future. Your thoughts really do have an incredible effect on your life and how it will turn out.

When last did you invest some time to ensure that your thoughts are positive and that you are in a positive mental state, where you consistently reflect a positive attitude to the world?

Your thoughts create Everything in your Life

It has been common knowledge for many years that your thoughts do indeed drive your success or lack thereof. In fact many of the greatest self-improvement books ever written, focused on the power of your thoughts. The titles that come to mind are titles like ‘Think and Grow Rich”, “As a man Thinketh” “The magic of thinking big” and “The power of positive Thinking” and many, many more. It has been proven many times over that what you regularly think about, you most certainly bring about.

Are you making a fatal Mistake?

The most common error made by most people, who set goals is that they use their thoughts to turn the creative process against them. For example, we are extremely averse to loosing things. So when you set a goal to lose weight, you are setting yourself up for failure. Rather set a positive goal in the present tense, something like “I come alive at 95”, or “looking great at 58”. This positive reinforcement allows you to view your goals as something positive and something you want to take action to achieve.

Another fatal mistake is setting a goal around the things you don’t want. For example if you want to live debt free. “You set a goal like I will be debt free by a certain date” This means that your goal is focused squarely on what you don’t want in your life. Again you are not creating a positive feeling and set of emotions around your goals. Rather set goals like “I will create a positive net asset value, by certain date”. This allows you to focus on taking positive actions to achieve a positive outcome.

Avoid the common mistakes of focusing on the negative, or on setting goals where you must lose something and rather focus on creating a positive vision of what you want to create in the future.

Action Idea: Allow yourself to get centered, grounded and look around your world, see all the wonderful abundance, which exists in you and all around you. This mind-set is best supported, when you explore your world, appreciating all the wonder that you already possess. I must once again affirm the importance of feeling gratitude for everything in your world, as  it puts you in a far better place and mind space, where it is far easier to think and believe in all the positive possibility, which abounds.

Clear Negative Thoughts from your Mind

When you focus on gratitude and you set only positive goals. It is far easier to stop negative thoughts and the natural doubts, which flow through your mind all the time. It becomes far easier to redirect your thoughts towards abundance and to see all the wonderful opportunities all around you. Focus on the positive, be aware of the negative, but ensure that this does drive your expectation and you will be able to invite more abundance into your experience. This will will allow you to experience far more well-being, meaning, fulfilment, love and joy in your life.

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