Get Off the Treadmill of Perpetual Busyness

We often get so wrapped up in the cycle of being busy and doing to survive that we never find time to reflect, think and plan. Allowing this to continue unabated will see years get added to your life but never any meaningful positive change. If you are not satisfied with anything or in some cases everything in your life. Then the solution is not to cram more into your already overloaded schedule. The secret is to  include time in your schedule to step off the treadmill of perpetual “BUSYNESSso that you have time to work on creating the future you desire. 

This time which I call “MEETINGS WITH YOUR FUTURE” is time you schedule every day to devote to making a meaningful difference to the way your future will turn out. If you fail to do this the years will continue to fly by in a mist of dissatisfaction and each December, you will reflect on another spent year, another year where nothing has changed.

To see meaningful changes almost effortlessly, start appearing in your life. Is that you need to make the decision right now that you are going to make a small shift in the way you plan and schedule your life going forward. When you choose to include this very simple plan for creating a new success habit set in your daily schedule and you commit to apply your willpower to carry out the plan, until it is part of your daily routine. You are equipping yourself with a tool that will help you to create long term almost effortless success.

The plan is simple

  1. Look at the next year and break this back into four equal quarters of three months each. This is very important as you must take a really good look at your actions to assess how you are doing. Are the actions you are taking delivering the desired results? If they are keep doing them, if they are not then look to introduce new set of actions.
  2. Break each quarter back into single months. Review your progress every month. Whatever gets measured gets done. This is important to keep you inspired and to ensure that your actions are aligned with the outcome you want to achieve.
  3. Break each month back into weeks. Plan how much time each day you are going to schedule as “MEETINGS WITH YOUR FUTURE” and pen this into your dairy.
  4. Set aside one hour every day in your schedule, as a “MEETINGS WITH YOUR FUTURE”. This time is more important than any other meeting you have each day and no matter what else may come up you must never change this appointment. During this crucial hour each day, close yourself off from any interruptions and begin building your strategy for creating the future of your dreams.
  5. Your daily plan is where the real magic begins. This is where you schedule and take actions that are going to make things start to change in your life.

You can carry on living your life the way you are and allow the years to continue to fly past in a blur of dissatisfaction. Or you can choose to make this small shift toward creating success and you can schedule time into your day to create the future you desire. The small actions you will take every day during your “MEETINGS WITH YOUR FUTURE”, over time will compound into the success you desire. What are you waiting for, get off the treadmill of mediocrity and climb onto the Steam Train of success.


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