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Dare to Dream Big and You can Live a Life of Meaning

Are you waking up every day, excited by the prospect of what your day has to offer? Or are you waking up regretting the choices you have made, which have trapped you in a life with no meaning or fulfillment. If you answered the latter and you feel trapped in a life with little meaning and what seems like no chance of escaping from the treadmill of never ending days of work and overwhelm. You have only two choices do nothing and continue to live a life you hate or accept 100 % responsibility for your life and begin to make the changes necessary to begin living a life of fulfillment, joy and meaning.

What would you do if you won or inherited a million dollars tomorrow? Would you continue doing what you do every day or would you immediately change something or everything in your life? If the million dollar windfall would only equip you to continue doing what you are already doing, but would just give you additional funds to grow your investments, you are more than likely doing something, which is aligned with your purpose. If on the other hand, you would immediately change your career, partner, current health plan or spiritual path, the alarm bells should be going off. If you hate anything or everything about your current life, now is the time to start taking the steps necessary to begin making the changes you need to begin living the life you want to live.

If you do nothing today, something amazing is going to happen, NOTHING!!!! If on the other hand, you create a crystal clear vision of exactly where you want to take your life in the future. Everything immediately changes; every experience from that moment on becomes a part of your success journey. Things that you may have viewed as being in your way in the past, will now be seen as something, which is on the way to the future you have envisioned. Everything becomes a contributor to the journey, something you can learn or grow from. Everything is now on your way, a source of value and something you will get something from.

The same situation, which appears overwhelming to someone without vision, is seen completely differently by someone with a clear vision for their future. They see any challenge or roadblock as a part of their success journey. An inevitable and necessary part of helping them become the person they need to be to deserve the success they have envisioned. Stop sitting around waiting for the world to change, before you can begin enjoying your life. The only way to change the world is for you to change the way you look at the world. It is no longer acceptable to put your dreams off until tomorrow. Take responsibility or should I rather say, take charge and begin making the changes you need to make in your life, so that you can begin to enjoy the success you deserve.

You are going to arrive somewhere, five years from now, my question is WHERE!!!! You can continue to allow the winds of chance to blow over your experience and arrive at a place you don’t want to be. Or you can take charge of your actions every day and begin moulding your future, one small thought and action at a time. Stop waiting for things to be perfect or for something significant to happen in your life before you take action. Today is the day; you can start moulding the future you want.

Invest effort into applying daily discipline, which weighs ounces, to take the action you need to take to succeed. This will help you to avoid the regret of failure, divorce, damaged health or bankruptcy later, which weighs tonnes. Start to take action on your dreams today and begin to slowly inch closer to the future you want or your dreams will never be realised. Don’t allow yourself to arrive at the end of your life, filled with regrets for all the things you did not do. If the question holding you away from taking action on your dreams is simply because your future is unclear, invest the time to get the clarity you need and everything will almost magically fall into place.

Author: Andrew Horton Business Motivational Speakers South Africa


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