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Business Motivational Speakers South Africa

Understand and Strengthen your Core Genius

My objective when I present this business motivational speakers talk is to show you that, for you to finally turn this into your most successful year ever, it is time to identify and know your strengths and understand your weaknesses. Work to consistently improve your strengths and get someone else, who plays in the areas where you have weaknesses, to assist you with those weaknesses. Your strengths are easy to identify, they are the things that you do really well without much effort at all. They are usually the things that you really love to do and whilst you are doing them, you don’t feel like you are working at all. Your strengths are aligned with your core genius and learning how to improve them comes really easily. Your weaknesses on the other hand are things you readily procrastinate, feel really difficult for you to do and no matter how hard you try; you never seem to be able to master them.

This presentation by one of the best motivational speakers in the field of time management training will show you that if you are wasting time spinning your wheels trying to strengthen your weaknesses, instead of investing your most valuable possession, namely your time, into developing your strengths or core genius. You will once again go through another year without achieving your full potential. You will dramatically accelerate your success, when you invest time to evaluate how you are actually spending your time and you then make working on developing your strengths a priority.

To join the ranks of the super achievers, you must identify, understand, believe in and consistently strengthen your core genius. Anything that falls outside of your core genius must over time be delegated to other people, who have strengths in those areas. Stop attempting to do everything yourself. Poor people invest their most valuable possession, namely their time to save money. Wealthy people on the other hand invest money, which can easily be earned, to save time.

Our lives are so busy trying to just survive, we have groceries to buy, food to cook, phone calls to make, bills to pay, children to take to school, a house to clean, laundry to wash, etc. that we lose sight of making time to carry out the really important task of working on improving and growing your core genius. Too much of your day is spent doing things that do not contribute to future success, spinning your wheels doing things you do not enjoy. This takes time away from doing the things you love and are good at doing. This is the year for you to finally free up your valuable time, so that you can start to focus on your core genius and vision.

This presentation by one of the best motivational speakers in the field of time management training will show you that learning the art of delegating is not easy. You may feel like you are giving up control or that you cannot afford to pay someone else to do the things you can readily do yourself. My question is simply this, why waste time and energy doing things you hate doing, consume an immense amount of your productive time. When you could invest this same time into your core genius, where you would gain so much more in terms of satisfaction and ultimately long term sustainable success. Have the courage to delegate the tasks you hate to people that love to do what you hate. They will carry out the task far more successfully and free your time to do what you love and excel at.

Invest time to get to know your core genius and devote sufficient time each day to perfecting it. You must free up as much time as possible to spend working within your core genius, so learn to delegate the tasks that consume your valuable time completely. Once you have identified someone to carry out these. Create a crystal clear set of instructions about how you want things done and then step back and allow them the freedom to carry out the task without any interference from you. Attempting to micromanage any task, which has been delegated, wastes an inordinate amount of your time and negates the point of delegating any task in the first place.

Action Idea: Identify the daily activities that are consuming your time each day and then find someone that you can trust, who enjoys doing these tasks, to assist you to carry out these activities on your behalf. Delegating all the tasks that are wasting your time each day is a process, not an event. Build a plan and gradually, over time, delegate all the time wasting tasks you hate to someone else.

This will allow you to free up an incredible amount of your valuable time each day. Time that you can invest far more wisely into carrying out tasks you love and are aligned with your core genius.

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