Getting From Mediocrity to Super Achievement

The best way way to convert a fantasy or a dream into a goal that you can achieve, is to write your dream or fantasy down and then to formulate a broad plan to achieve that goal. This simple step begins the process by creating something concrete in your mind. This then programs your mind to start looking for opportunities that are aligned with turning your intangible dreams and fantasies into real and meaningful realized outcomes.

When you have clarity and you know what you are looking for, it gives your mind a focused “set of eyes” and you begin to see opportunities that were there all along, but you were not seeing them. For example if you decide to buy a new car, that brand of car seems to miraculously appear every where you look. This is the programming and clarity you want to direct onto turning your dreams in reality.

Tell your brain what to look for it will begin to notice the people, resources and hidden ideas you need to turn your thoughts into something real and meaningful. When your dreams are defined by audacious, distant and unclear vague ideas your mind is thrown off and does not know what to search for. Ambiguity is the biggest killer of dreams and will make achieving your dreams virtually impossible. Until you clarify what you want, you are wasting your most powerful resource, namely your powerful mind on searching for nothing.

Your mind operates at its optimal level when it has clear instructions. This is obvious, try sending someone shopping for you with vague instructions about what you want. What do you think the odds are that they will return with exactly what you want? If on the other hand you clearly write out a list defining exactly what you want. Then the odds are stacked in favor of them returning with exactly what you want. Commit to write out a really clear shopping list for your brain today and over time your brain will deliver exactly that to you.

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Your clear, precise strategic plan will give your mind a clear set of instructions, so that it can get to work finding the information needed to get you there. Think of your plan in terms of creating a road map to get you from where you are to where you want to go.

The first step is to define how long it will take to complete the journey. If you set out on a journey to cross Africa, but you have no specific timeline in mind, you are unable to create a plan. How far do you need to travel each day, when do you need to refuel, where will you sleep each day etc? The same is true for your goals. If you have a written dream or fantasy, but you do not have a timeline in which you are required to achieve the goal. You have no way of measuring your progress; there is no urgency and pressure to take action.

When you have a timeline for achieving your goals, you can break your goal back into achievable bite size chunks and consistently measure your progress. This will help you to stay on track and ensure that the actions you are taking daily are aligned with the outcome you are trying to achieve.

As you travel through Africa there are a myriad of routes you could take. The same is true for achieving your goals. You must clearly define what you need to do and also include a timeline, clearly describing, when you will accomplish each step in the process.

On this journey through Africa, you must be clear on who you will be taking along to help you on the trip. Goal achieving is the same identify and clearly define who you need to assist you and their roles required to do so.

Before embarking on your trip you must research the conditions, route etc. No body would attempt to travel through Africa without doing the correct research, so do not neglect this crucial step when embarking on the most important journey of your life, namely you journey to realize you dreams.

The success of a journey of the magnitude of traveling through Africa requires acquiring numerous resources. The journey to creating tangible and real goals is no different. Carefully consider all the resources you will need to make the journey from mediocrity to super achievement.

Any long journey requires special skills and knowledge. So before embarking on your journey to success, take a really hard and in-depth look at yourself and define and make plans to acquire the training, skills and knowledge you will need to succeed.

Think of the goal achieving process as a wonderful journey that will provide loads of enjoyment and fulfillment. It is a process and can never be described as an event.


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