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Motivational Speakers

Give The Gift Of Your Example to the World

Are you are looking around your environment and wondering how to change and improve the people around you? Do you believe this is even possible or desirable? As surprising as this answer may seem at first glance, the best way to help the people around you, to change, is to focus on changing the one thing you have 100 % control over, namely yourself. Work to change and improve yourself and almost as if by magic everyone around you will change If you want the world to change, you need to change.. The greatest contribution you can make to everyone around you is to invest into your own personal development and growth.

Just imagine, as time passes, you invest into your personal growth and development and you gradually become 10 times stronger or wiser. What a great contribution you will be making to those around you, how much better you will perform and contribute as a parent, friend, and spouse or business colleague.

The best gift you can give to everyone around you is the gift of your on-going personal development. This small shift in philosophy, where you commit to lifelong learning and growth, will make you a better person.  The new and improved you will then be able to contribute far more to everyone around you.

When flying on-board a plane and there is an emergency, where the oxygen masks are deployed from the console above you. It is a selfless act to first secure your own mask, before assisting anyone else around you. By following a similar philosophy, where you take care of yourself first. Through your commitment to constantly improving and growing, you are far better equipped, to make a meaningful contribution to everyone around you.

Learn to create happiness, fulfilment and meaning in your own life and then project this positive philosophy into the world. Strive to always be an example to everyone around you. Your success, happiness and fulfilment are contagious and with work you can infect everyone in your environment.

As you become better, happier and more complete, you become far more valuable to those around you. Commit to keep refining your character, improving your health, growing your skills and knowledge and constantly improving your philosophy. Then project these toward, everyone around you and you will see the magic begin. Your positive energy, passion and discipline will be reciprocated and those around you will be pulled along in the wake of your growth and success.

If you want the world to change and improve, then place your energy, on yourself, where you can easily make a real and lasting difference. Any energy focused on trying to force people around you to change is wasted. You can never force someone to improve and change, if they are unwilling to do so. You can however lead by example and show them the way.

Author: Andrew Horton Motivational Speakers


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  • I do not always have time to read Andrew’s daily posts, but I always save them for when I do have time. Wow – did this one really hit home today. It helps with something I have been struggling with for YEARS. I am going to print several copies and put it everywhere so I will see it all the time. Thank you MANY times over.

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