Give the Gift of Your Self-Development to the World

What is the best way to help everyone around you and to begin making a meaningful contribution in your environment? The key to answering this question is really very simple. Begin by helping yourself first. In other words the best contribution you can make to everyone around you is for you to commit to ongoing personal development and learning.

As you grow and become more, you become a better husband, father, employee and business colleague. As you become better, healthier, stronger and wiser you are able to make a far greater contribution to everyone around you. Stay committed to your lifelong development and you will become a more valuable person to yourself and everyone around you.

You have all heard of the analogy of the oxygen masks that drop out of the consol above you on an airplane, in the case of a cabin depressurization. For you to be of any value to anyone around you, it is crucial that you secure your own oxygen mask before you help anyone around you. Keep working on yourself, always striving to be the best possible version of you and everyone around you will benefit.

When you are happy and you project that to the world around you, everyone will benefit from your enriching attitude. Smile and the world smiles with you, being a victim will not help you or anyone around you.

As you project the image of a constantly improving and growing self to the world, everyone around you will see your positive example and will be inspired to begin the journey to grow themselves. The philosophy of constantly becoming more and offering a positive example to everyone around you is most certainly one of the greatest contributions anyone can make to themselves and the world as a whole.

Your ongoing and lifelong commitment to your self-development enables you to become a meaningful contributor to your family, friends, your business and your community. The value you add to everyone around you will help you to make the world a far better place and you will get to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life. This new philosophy and the benefits that will accrue to everyone seems like a no-brainer to me. Have you heard enough, are you going to introduce this philosophy into your life today?

Commit to give the gift of your ongoing self-development to everyone around you. Keep refining all the parts of your character, work on improving your health and constantly seek out new knowledge and skills. This will set you apart from the crowd and make you extremely attractive in the market place.

As you become more you will attract more opportunity, your reputation will precede you and everyone around you will want to associate with you and do business with you. You can create all this possibility when you introduce the philosophy of constantly striving to improve and grow. Success and opportunity will be attracted to you, if you commit to ongoing learning and development. As you grow opportunity will begin to seek you out.


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