Goals Are About Who You Become


Are you going to continue to allow regrets to replace your dreams?  Decide today, how much life you are prepared to exchange for living your dreams, then simply pull the trigger, begin taking the inspired action necessary and you will see your dreams unfold before your eyes.


Re-awaken those dreams, desires and ambitions that you may have shelved a long time ago, due to the fear that doing so would move you out of your comfort zone. Change the trajectory of your life today, and unlock your dormant potential. Declare new choices, establish new behaviors, build new skills and begin to take bold new actions that will begin making your dreams materialize.


Sustainable success is the result of thousands of tiny efforts and sacrifices and when you commit to applying this strategy in your life you become a goal achieving machine. When you combine your deep rooted desire for sustainable success, with focused planning, consistent and persistent effort. You equip yourself to start working your magic and you open the door to your excellence.


This effective strategy for success will work every time, if you commit to take daily action to make it materialize in your life and you persistently apply yourself to make it work for you. Always remember that you are more likely to complete any task if you frequently and consistently measure your progress against expectations. Your level of success is directly proportional to the quality and frequency of your reviews and goal measurement criteria.


First identify the attributes you will need to develop to become the type of person that could support and sustain each of your goals and then go about the business of developing those attributes within yourself. When you do this your goals will seem to miraculously peel off the page of your goal journal and materialize in your life.


Goals are about who you become.  The major reason for setting goals is to encourage a real transformation in you, as you grow into and accomplish each goal. The person you transform into as you grow to become what is needed to achieve each goal, is far more important than what you may GET as you achieve your goals.

After attending this talk by one of the most informative motivational speakers and experts on time management training you will discover the fastest way to achieve your GOALS is to SLOW DOWN. At first glance that seems illogical, but when you understand that when you are in overdrive and you are rushing to accomplish your goals, you loose focus, become confused about what actions to take and stall your efforts. Slow down and allow yourself the time to decide what needs to be done and the appropriate timing in which to do it and YOUR SUCCESS WILL BEGIN TO FEEL EFFORTLESS.

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Andrew Horton

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